11 April 2015

The Technicians Movie Review

Title: The Technicians
AKA: The Con Artists
Genre: Action, Crime,
Origin: South Korea
Release Date: December 24, 2014
Cast: Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Kim young Cheol, Ko Chang Seok, Jung Man Sik, Jo Yoon Hee, Lim Ju Hwan, Shin Goo

Ji-Hyeok (Kim Woo-Bin) is an elite safe-cracker and counterfeiter. He works with Koo-In (Ko Chang-Seok) who introduces him to elite hacker Jong-Bae (Lee Hyun-Woo). There's rumors that Jong-Bae has betrayed other partners in his past. Nevertheless, the trio decide to work together to steal valuable diamonds held within a secret vault at a high-end jewelry store. The jewelry store is owned by President Jo (Kim Young-Chul). Meanwhile, President Jo is in search of an elite safe-cracker to help him steal millions of dollars stored within a Korean customs area in Incheon, South Korea. When he found out about Ji-Hyeok genius talent, he knew he was the one to help him succeed his mission.

This movie has a great plot and very mind blowing, it had so many twists that in the end I was so confused at what happened. Nevertheless, don’t worry, they wrap it up in a way that there is nothing to miss. I won’t get started at how amazing and praiseworthy Kim Woo Bin is, because we all know how awesome he is. He nail every role and character he gets no matter what, so Kim woo bin fan or not you will definitely fall for his charm in this movie (I’m specifically talking about that smirk face he does all the time gah!). Not to forget his two partners, they were really a spontaneous group of people. I liked their chemistry a lot. I don’t think I should be allowed to say more or else I’ll spoil something unknowingly! Definitly a great watch, so if you are reading this now and haven’t watched it, go get the movie ASAP!

☆☆☆☆☆ / 5 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥♥ / 5 out of 5 hearts

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