10 May 2010

Engine Review

Title: Engine
Genre: Family, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 11
Broadcast period: 2005-Apr to 2005-Jun
Theme song: I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff
Insert song: Angel by Aerosmith
Cast: Kimura Takuya, Koyuki, Toda Erika, Ueno Juri, Nakajima Yuto and Arioka Daiki.

After being kicked out of the Italian race team, Kanzaki Jiro (Kimura Takuya) returns to Japan, to re-join the japanese race team. As he returns home, he finds out that his father has made the house where he had grown up in, to a orphanage, and the fact that he hates children doesnt help him with the fact that he is to live with them. Being a orphan himself, before he was adopted by his father, he feels with the children and accepts living there. Taking care of the children are a teacher, Mizukoshi Tomomi (Koyuki), a male nurse, a cook, his father and his older sister.
As he is rejected by the coach of the japanese race team, and he tries to solve the issues of his dream, he gets tangled up with Tomomi-sensei, and the 12 children; he learns from them, and they learn from him..

Hmm, looooove this one!! Instead of a high-school teacher being the one helping the students, it's a racer helping orphans or children that aren't being helped. I loved it, all of it. Loved Kimuras acting, him pairing up with Koyuki, who by the way looks stunning with him, the oldest and wisest of the children Ueno Juri, the over the top loud girl Toda Erika, the smart ass Nakajima Yuto, the overprotecting brother Arioka Daiki, the deliquent Ishida Hoshi and all the ADORABLE children! Gossh, I watched it several times. Thuss the ending was to sudden and we didnt really see how the ending happend (trying not to spoil), and the "what-happend-in-the-future-speech" was unnessesary. But I still loved it, and made me wanna start a orphanage myself, hehe.. *dreams of a japanese orphanage*

☆☆☆☆½ / 4,5 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts

Jenji's verdict
Okay. Kimura Takuya is... AMAZING. I cant believe it. He is sooooo guuuuuuuuud !!!! Ive had the drama on my pc for a while now and thn i watched it and im like "WHT HAVE I BEEN WAITING FOR" . Seriously there arent many of these kind of dramas. Those that give u such strong,, feelings. Like its a really nice story and i love that its an orphanage thats so cool, i mean its sad. But i think orphan kids are cool. Not that its cool to be orphan. I mean. Orphans are special and should be treated right. They should get all the support possible from people around them. And i loved the way Jiro handled them. Like anyone else he would. Like he so straightforward and i think that is why the kids love him. Seriously that guy he so cool. And the drama is okay realistic.. sometimes in dramas they kinda overdo it so you think "yeaa right as if tht would ever happen" but here they are okay. 

☆☆☆☆½/ 4.5 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥♥/5 hearts out of 5 hearts

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