30 April 2010

Autumn's Concerto Review

Title: Autumn's Concerto
AKA: Next stop, happiness
Episodes: 21
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct to 2010-Feb
Opening theme song: I love him by Della Ding Cast: Ady An, Van Ness Wu, Chris Wu and Tiffany Xu.

Ren Guang Xi(Van Ness Wu) is rude, spoilt and pretty mean, on the outside. He doesnt believe that woman have hearts, expecially strong women like his mother, whom he blames his fathers suicide on. Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An) lost her mother short after she was born, but has always seen her step-mom as her mother. One day her father dies and leaves the family with huge debth. She and her auntie(step-mom), leave and meets her current uncle. At the age of 22, she meets Guang Xi for the first time, as he parks his car and the bus she is on, trying to break up with his current girlfriend. Mu Cheng, feeling rightous, starts to argue with Guang Xi, but he wont budge. Matters escalate, and they end up at the police station, where, mainly by the given idea of Mu Cheng, Guang Xi ends up doing community servis. Feeling humiliated, Guang Xi promises revenge, and makes a deal with his friends; to woo Mu Cheng, and get a picture with them kissing the next day. Guang Xi forces Mu Cheng on a date, since she had borrowed a book of her friend Hua Tuo Ye (Chris Wu), which is not allowed, and the book is the possesion of Guang Xi. In order to get it back, she agrees to go on a date...

I did not like it, I LOVED, with a capital L, it. Everything about it was great. From the storyline to the acting. Okay, I agree that Van Ness Wu needs to learn how to run, but either way, I never judge on appearance.. I loved the couple, the on-screen chemistry, the dialogs and even the mixed relationships. Eventough the ending was a bit draggy, it did not ruin the overall expe rience of it. Xiao Xiao Bin, the son of those two, was adorable, and probably the cutest and smartest child-actor currently in the movie industry. Mother-son relationsship was fabulous, and the family plot was worth looking at. There were actually no things, except one, that I didn't realise, like, you could guess by watching it. But that was also somewhere in the ending, again, not ruining it. Reasons to watch? Everything! A most definate watch!

☆☆☆☆☆ / 5 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥♥ / 5 out of 5 hearts

Jenji's verdict
OH MY GOD! okay guys u seriously gotta watch this, when Bunji says a drama is good, then its REAAALLLYY goood! U see this drama got 21ep''s right? well i watched like 3th ep the morning i had an exam and i felt so bad that i could barely walk to school, seriously my heart hurt because of how sad it is!!!!! well dont get me wrong its not just sadness,, its like,, like,, heartbreaking romance.. One of those that make u feel soooo... like flying on the clouds but while there's a thunderstorm. _U get me?? like flying on the skies.. i mean its really nice romance but still its so sad .. And the actors are actually really great, like when u watch the behind the scenes thing, they could laugh one moment and the other, tears would just flow .. ayaaaa,, and the little kid is soooo ke ai! His faces when he smiles.. it could even melt the old hag's heart.. and he's so smart and so cute ... and yeah Mu Cheng is such a good mother,, awwww :'(
anyway guys.. this is a must!! Its one of those dramas u cant miss !!!!!!

☆☆☆☆☆ / 5 stars out of 5

♥♥♥♥♥ / 5 out of 5 hearts

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Asja said...

I totally agree, this drama is a must-watch! It melts your heart and catches your attention from the very beginning. The chemistry between the main leads is indescribable. It's a great drama, I'm unable to describe it fully the way I would like to describe it, but you have to watch it to know what I mean ;P <3

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