13 November 2010

Sungkyunkwan scandal Review

Title: Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-30 to 2010-Nov-02
Cast: Micky Yoochun, Park Min Young, Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, Seo Hyo Rim, Kim Min Seo ...

The story takes place in old time korea, Kim Yoon Hee is a young girl who lost her father at a young age and lives with her mother and sick brother. She disguises herself as a man to be able to work at a bookstore so she can earn money for her family. One day she is hired to help someone at the enterance examn for the school sungkyunkwan. But then she accidently tries to help the wrong person, Lee Sun Joon (Micky Yoochun) and he actually convinces her to take the exam herself, she then does and passes so she enters the school. Then fate strikes again and she is to share room with him, and a senior Geol Oh who is the "good bad-boy", the one that never shows up at classes and is rebellious. While she is at the school she get closer and closer to her roommates but she must not be found out, if they find out that she is a girl she would get punished. But the senior student and friend of Geol Oh suspects Yoon Hee and tries to find out the truth. The 4 of them develop a great friendship through lots of trials and are even pointed out by the king for a secret mission.

So the first thought is probably "typical!" and yes it is typical,, but,, in a refreshing way. no wht i mean is that even though its that same old story we hear again and again it is fine as long as it got what a good drama needs. It had great actors and a great story with lots of fun. I liked every detail about it like those fun moments between them as friends. But one thing that i wasnt too crazy about was micky yoochun in this drama. Its not that i got anything against him its just that his role didnt feel right, and that make me think "please dont end up with him!!" throughout the whole drama because kyaaa a real namja is there!! geol oh! he is the good badboy and he is soooo good at it! love that kind of roles! and lol the guy that calls himself yorim, he was real fun and cute. Anyway, i guess also the last few episodes are too much about "love", which was kinda.. i dont knw.. it was too much of it in the end. But still it was a really nice endning LOL

☆☆☆☆½ / 4½ out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥♥ / 5 out of 5 hearts

Bunji's Verdict
Okay, to start out I have to say, this is the first historical drama I’ve finished, since I could never relate nor understand the stories of the others. But Sungkyunkwan Scandal is different, you get what they are saying, even though it’s completely formal, not to mention ‘poetic’, and all characters are relatable. I was surprised to see myself favoring the lead actor, which has never happened before; I usually fall for the jerk, the badass, or the ‘all-over-the-place-guy’, but this time and very first time, I fell for ‘Mr. Justice’/’Mr. Expressionless’. Yes, Micky Yoochun was the lead, but that didn’t make me like him, and I was almost 100% sure that I would fall for Gu Yung Ha. And honestly I was disappointed by the supporting actor; they did a HUGE job in making him feared and ‘the-toughest’, but besides people running away from him, he ended up becoming, I don’t know, not so deep, but then again that may be because the two characters Lee Sun Joon and Gu Yong Ha were insanely thick, that the Geol Oh character, didn’t shine as much, even the lead actress sort a flushed out.
Micky Yoochun surprised me, like insanely; never thought an Idol could act like that. I even ended up feeling bad for him, and started cursing.
But the drama is good, great actually, especially if you have watched a lot of bad/dull dramas. Personally for me it was a bit hard, since 80% of the time I knew what was going to happen, and besides yawning, rolling my eyes and repeating the same sentence (“Damn, Yoochun is hot”), there are only few scenes that made me interested, and most of them are either Yoochun’s or Song Joong Ki’s.
To sum up, a interesting watch, but since I can’t rate that I’ll write great.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts


Fatum said...

Lols.. jeg sad lige og læste det her.. ahaha its kind a funny actually. U talked pretty much about the boys.. Namja dit og Namja that.. U are so right about geul oh.. he is manly.. haha I think he was the one ho deserves her bedre end ham youchun! Men ved du hvad.. Jeg tænkte lige på. Ham the student president.. he was a namja too.. like Geul oh.. We just didnt see it because of his evilness... Nå men hans sidste scene gjorde virkelig et stort indtryk på mig!!

Plus der er også ham Yeo run.. (tror jeg han hed) he was really nice.. he was cute... han lignede vrkelig en pige.. men han var bare SJOV... jeg nød virkelig at se ham and co.

All on all ;) jeg kunne virkelig godt lide denne drama.. jeg tror det er den første korean historical drama for me... det gav mig et godt indtryk af fortiden too.. hmm..

But the ending.. like the last scene.. with him and her... youchun and her... det var lidt for meget af det gode...

BY THE WAY... do you know where the girl are from.. i KNEW i have seen her before.. lols.. men det var ikke i en drama, (som jeg troede) men i en MV... det var tilfældigt jeg lige så hende igen..
Det var nemlig i BIG BANGs haru haru.. hahaha it was kind a funny :D

Anonymous said...

lol, Namja is guy, so when u say a "ham the student president.. he was a namja too.." sounds funni :P
ohh, btw the chick from this drama er hende fra Haru Haru som også er med i I am Sam.. xD

Jenji said...

Oooh really.. ? didnt now that. Lol when we say namja,, its because we mean like "real men" hahha.. lol

Anonymous said...

LOL! Do u believe that I first read ur verdict now?! hhhhaahhahah... completely opposite!!! love it!

Anonymous said...

omo, I er begge imod Yoochun? Ma ne~ small brains think alike, hihi.. ajj.. whatever.. joking.. I dont even care whether u like him or not :P

Jenji said...

LOL! how come we rated so differently!! and u totally liked yoochun.. khhrh ofcourse u did.

Anonymous said...

aniyo.. i really dont like him like that, or didnt.. u know i favoritize Hero or U-Know.. but, watching this, i ended up falling for him.. all over again..

Jenji said...

lol its a good thing we got stars and hearts. otherwise we wouldnt always be objective.. or i wouldnt:P u always so critical.. hah

Anonymous said...

If u arnt critical, u arnt objective..

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