03 January 2011

Hearts of Fencing 2 - Sunshine Heartbeat Review

Title: Hearts of Fencing 2
Tagline: Sunshine Heartbeat
Genre: Romance, Sport
Episodes: 13
Broadcast period: 2004-Oct to 2005-Jan
Cast: Vivien Yeo, Charmaine Li, Yoyo Chen, Vin Choi and Charles Szeto.

When the sisters Mia (Vivien Yeo), Kiu (Charmaine Li) and Yan (Yoyo Chen) were little, they met a gypsy who told them that if the oldest Mia in the future didn’t choose the right guy, whom she’ll know by him having a birthmark formed like a four-leaved clover, her younger sisters would not find their true love or Mr. Right.
Years later, after Mia returns from the U.S, she is reunited with her sisters, and they go on the quest of finding her ‘four-leaved clover guy’, and surprisingly they notice Yue Yat Sun (Charles Szeto) has that mark. Yue Yat is the captain of the school volleyball team, and known for being every girls dream also the perfect student. In order to make ‘it happen’, they make it so Yue Yat think Mia is able to play volleyball, in real life though, she’s horrible, to help their sister, Kiu and Yan join the team.
On a night on their way home, the sisters witness a fight, where the school’s worst student, Nic Fong (Vin Choi) is the middle of it. Through the fight they notice a four leaved mark on his back, which makes the girls concerned. The girls have decided that Mia is to choose Yue Yat and not Nic, who not only has the worst reputation in school, but is disliked by some of the teachers. Due to one of the teachers care, she makes Nic join the volleyball team, confusing Mia more and more.

Defining this drama in one word would be: dorky. It has ALL elements in making it decent, but somehow, they can’t even make it watchable. The actors and actresses were okay, not that bad, but the entire storyline, is ridicules. Okay, I admit, it’s cute, and even interesting, but some scenes, like the climax made me laugh. And honestly, I only kept watching this because of Nic Fong, the character played by Vin Choi. The entire ‘misunderstood-good-guy-who-people-think-is-a-bad-guy’ is completely my cup of tea.
The story moved in the way I believed it would, and the ending was expected to end, in the way it did, loose. But Ill give points to the dorkiness, it made the drama unique.

☆½ / 1½ out of 5 stars

♥♥ / 2 out of 5 hearts

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