31 August 2010

The Prince of Tennis 2 Review

Title: The Prince of Tennis 2
Genre: Sport, Friendship
Episodes: 20
Broadcast period: 2010
Opening song: Mei You Cai Hong De Yang Guang (Rainbowless Sunlight) by Zhong Kai, Mao Fang Yuan, Wu Di Wen, Wang Chuan Jun, Bai Xu Xu, Zhang Chao, Wei Bin and Xiang Ding.
Cast: Qin Jun Jie, Bai Xu Xu, Zhang Chao, Chen Ze Yu, Zhang Dai Fei, Yang De Min, Mao Fang Yuan, Xue Hao Wen, Whag Chaun Jun, Jiang Hong Bo, Xiang Ding and Mu Ting Ting.

The series continues where the last season stopped, this time around the goal is the East China Competition Championship. Long Ma (Qin Jun Jie) is still on his arrogance roll, this time with a bigger chance of getting it blown as he is faced with stronger opponents, and having his father getting more and more involved with the tennis club doesn’t help much to his ego or mood. The other members face problems as well; the captain Guo Guang (Bai Xu Xu) is injured and sent to U.S.A to get treatment, the timid Da Shi (Zhang Chao) is chosen to be captain with Zhen Zhi (Wang Chuan Jun) as assistant captain, the golden pair Da Shi and Ju Wan (Mao Fang Yuan) is tested on trust, Chun Long’s (Xue Hao Wen) old injury is returning, the big talent Zhou Zhu (Chen Ze Yu) is experiencing rage, and Hai Tang (Zhang Dian Fei) feels that he’s shoved in a corner.
This season is about the meaning of tennis and the question: what is more important, having fun playing it or winning?

I like this one waaay more than the first season. There are ALOT of improvements in this season: new hairstyles (like they look waaaay younger), the dialogues are so much more reasonable than the ones from first season! And I think they got a new cameraman, like its more fun to look at the screen, AND the camera is MOVING! Do u believe it :P I mean in the first season he would actually stand still for a long time! The acting has also improved, but I think that has to do with the director, bad director = bad acting, so... As far as the story, its good, better than the first one, and the personal issues are better as well :D

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥ / 3 out of 5 hearts

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