19 February 2012

Dream High Review

Title: Dream High
Genre: School, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2011-Jan to 2011-Feb
Cast: Soo Hyun, Suzy, Taecyeon, Eunjung, IU, Wooyoung and JYP.

Go Hye Me (Suzy) and Yoon Baek Hee (Eunjung) have been friends for a long time, but it was more Baek Hee being a follower of Hye Mi rather than a best friend. Even though Baek Hee acts like a fan; Hye Mi somehow treats her like a little sister, since she has no other friends. Being a great singer and performing with known opera singer, has made Hye Mi arrogant, also made her believe that she is basically perfect and it has given her somewhat groundless pride. When her father goes bankrupt, the loan sharks demand that she pays back, offering her a deal. If she joins Kirin High School, a school for musical artists, and debuts early she can in three years pay it all off. She at refuses at first due to her belief that anyone who joins Kirin is a talentless fool with silly hopes of becoming a star, but when she is left without any choice she decides to participate in an audition, completely confident that she will pass. Her friend Baek Hee decides to join to give Hye Mi moral support, and also to be with Hye Mi.
Hyun Shi Hyuk (Taecyeon), aka Jin Guk, loves dancing, but he has never gotten any support from his father. He has had an interest in Hye Mi ever since they met for the first time several years ago. He follows Hye Mi to Kirin High School to see whether or not she will get accepted, there he catches the eye of the director.
Another person auditioning is Jason (Wooyoung) who’s a genius and a natural, also extremely popular and charming. A charm Kim Pil Suk (IU) has fallen for. Pil Suk has always been degraded because of her looks, so she auditioned in a costume, and caught Jason attention.
As Hye Mi and Baek Hee perform together, Hye Mi tries to over shine Baek Hee, but what happens is that the director picks Baek Hee over Hye Mi. This furies Hye Mi, and ends up calling Baek Hee a third grade person, which ends their relationship.
After Hye Mi returns home, both she and her younger sister are thrown out of their home and the loan sharks are after Hye Mi for failing the audition. Hye Mi’s father tells her to look up a friend of his, who happens to be a teacher at Kirin High. The two meet up, and the teacher runs away, only to find out that he is to be laid off his job. The director gives him a chance: if he can get three specially picked students to come to the school within the time given, he can keep his job.
The three students happen to be Jin Guk, Hye Mi and a student called Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) a student that has made the director notice him some time back.
The teacher finds Hye Mi, and as she overhears the teachers’ conversation with his sister about Sam Dong and how she can lose her spot in Kirin High School if he doesn’t find him, she decides to go and find him.
After some time of pursuing and lying to him, he falls for her and comes to Kirin High, also at the same time Jin Guk has been persuaded by the teacher, so the three students join the opening of Kirin High School.
But due to the special treatment of the three, everyone, including the vice-director (only after the director leaves) is against them joining. So they are thrown in a special class, in hopes they would give up and leave quietly…

This drama has taken me like almost forever to watch, because it’s extremely draggy, especially if you’ve seen spoilers. Only the last 3 episodes are actually worth watching, the rest is as said draggy.
My reason for watching this was mainly Jason and Pil Suk aka Wooyoung and IU. Even though their screen time was limited and their acting average, it was defiantly worth it. Taecyeon and Eunjung were good as well, occasionally Soo Hyun acted well but his character was silly. On the other hand Suzy, not even worth mentioning. Her character honestly needed a strong actress, or else you just end up finding her self-centered, that’s what Suzy couldn’t deliver. The most annoying thing in this drama was the fact that both male leads had to suffer in order to get her attention, silly. Looks like the director really didn’t like either Taec or Soo Hyun.. tsk.. Most of the scenes were either typical or just simply silly… Not my type of drama…
Lol, on the other hand, I was actually pleasantly surprised by JYP, funny like real funny, laughed out loud many times…

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥½ / 2½ out of 5 hearts

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