07 April 2011

Why Why Love Review

Title: Why why love
AKA: Huan Huan Ai
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 15
Broadcast period: 2007-Jun-03 to 2007-Sep-09
Cast: Rainie Yang, Mike He, Kingone Wang, Judy Fukumoto, Michelle Chen, Wang Dao, Ge Wei Ru, Niki Jin, Sun Qin Yue, Ye Min Zhi, Xu Shi Hao ...

Tong Jia Di (Rainie Yang) is the girl known for her many jobs. Her father passed away so she is alone with her mother, brother and her uncle who causes nothing but trouble. As poor they had to borrow money several times and so their dept built up and now all they can do is work. Tong Jia Di and her best friend Xiao Nan (Michelle Chen) find a job at a event and they came up with the idea to make coupons which you can exchange for example for a massage or another favor. Two guys, the CEO and his "mean", badboy brother happen to buy one each, the brother, Huo Da, gets a "master/angel" coupon so Jia Di has to be his servant for a week. And so it happens, slowly with their little fights they seem to fall in love, even though the CEO, Hua Yan, has a crush on Jia Di and Jia Di originally liked the him. But as she realizes that she likes Hua Da and does not change her mind, so she tries to avoid Huo Yan. Will Huo Yan win Jia Di's love, or is she already strongly in love with Huo Da?

I liked the drama alot, but not as much as devil beside you *must watch*(also with Mike He and Raine as couple). This one didnt wake that strong feelings but was something I would recommend. The couple was the same which was okay, but made me have more expectations. It needed a bit more than just the story of their love growing. No "BIG" happenings.. But of course love the bad-boy-dramas. just that is reason enough to watch. The ending though was Superb! First time in the drama that i felt like crying, no wait second :D im not sure about the rating because it was the best but it wasnt bad either. If u like Mike He then yes watch it and if u want badboydrama watch it. But if u want that reaaall strooong feeling of love and romance then this one is a bit to..weak?

☆☆☆3/4 / 3,7 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥½ / 4½ out of 5 hearts

Bunji's Verdict
OMG, I remember this drama as being one of the first I’ve ever watched (long ago as I was just introduced to the world of drama, and had a thing for Taiwanese dramas). I don’t really remember that much of it, can’t really remember the entire muddle thing in the middle, but I remember the beginning and the ending. Lol.
That said, I have to say, and okay drama - NOTHING in compared to Devil Beside You, same actors and cast - but still decent. Mike He and Rainie are brilliant together, weird kissing scenes yeah, but the chemistry is defiantly there :P
All in all, okay watch : )

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

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