22 May 2011

Jin Review

Title: Jin
Genre: Sci-fi, medical, jidaigeki
Episodes: 11
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-11 to 2009-Dec-20
Cast: Osawa Takao, Ayase Haruka, Koide Keisuke, Nakatani Miki, Uchino Masaaki, Saburi Kenta ...

Minakata Jin is a brain surgeon, most people at the hospital pity him though because for two years his fiancée, on whom he performed surgery has been in a vegetative state. He is at the hospital most of the time even sleeps there and is known as the one who wouldnt mind taking other people's shifts. But one day something occurs. After having performed surgery on a man whose identity is unknown, as the man tries to escape after waking up Minakata Jin chases after him and accidently falls. When he wakes up he is to find himself in a whole other era, the Edo period. As he is walking around he saves a man from a samurai family and he then lives with that family while he tries to figure out what happened to him.

So ive heard a lot of about this drama and i decided to check it out. For the first 20 minutes of first episode i though i would give up on the drama right away but then the action starts and as you can see like all the operations in the Edo period and all you become paralyzed. The drama gets really awesome and interesting but the weird little foster thing is just creepy and i still dont get it. Also the ending is just GAH! its not a real ending its just like another episode ending and you dont get any answers you just have to watch season 2. But i guess that's what they wanted. But still AH! . The drama did get just a little boring in the end. Or not boring but just like, come on give me the answer already. The operations though and everything else was fine and awesome to watch.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥/ 4 out of 5 hearts

Bunji's Verdict
Defiantly a favourite! Lol, but seriously, this drama is good, didn’t really expect much when watching it (watched it as it aired), but it’s so freaking good made! Like I wonder HOW much money is used, bet at least couple of millions. The dialogues, screen-play and not to mention story, terrific, and makes you wonder and ponder. Like Jenji said, you have no clue how and what, and simply have to watch the second season. Totally recommendable!

☆☆☆☆½ / 4½ out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥/ 4 out of 5 hearts

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