20 February 2012

Material Queen Review

Title: Material Queen
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 22
Broadcast period: 2011-Jun to 2011-Nov
Opening theme song: Is This All by Van Ness Wu
Cast: Van Ness Wu and Lynn Hung

Abandoned as a child Lin Chu Man (Lynn Hung) grew up to be a materialistic and selfish gold digger who believes that she does not need love in order to be happy, she needs jewelry and brand bags. When her old, weird and rich boyfriend finally proposes to her, she can’t help but to agree. On the other hand, due to a ‘curse’ saying that only if she really loves the person she’s saying it to, she will not be able to say the three words I love you. When an opportunity arises; the rich and young heir William is in Paris. She decides to give it a shot, and starts her plan to woes him. She succeeds, only to find out that the man she thought was William is actually a poor student, working as a duplet for the real heir, which makes her dump him in an instant. Cai Jia Hao (Van Ness Wu) goes to school in Paris, learning how to master violin. In order to make extra cash, he pretends to be William. When Chu Man’s fiancĂ© finds out, he makes sure that both Chu Man and Jia Hao pay, making both of them leave Paris.
Back in Taiwan Chu Man loses everything, so she has to find a new place to live. In an ad she finds a cheap room for rent with beautiful view. It turns out to fake, and the room is not what she’d expected. But due to her in need of money she agrees to live there. Jia Hao also returns home, devastated, because he has been thrown out of the school his sister worked so hard in getting him in to, and not being able to make his father’s death wish of him becoming a known violinist, come true, due to a woman that doesn’t even love him. Arriving home the neighbors think he graduated, and due to the celebration, Jia Hao is not able to break their hearts, so he lies.
In the evening, Chu Man learns the feeling of being poor, when the shower only releases cold water and the lights go out. Walking out she literately bumps into Jia Hao: it turns out that the room is part of Jia Hao’s house, and that he’s the landlord!
When a golden opportunity arises again, Yan Kai Ming (Daniel Chan), a rich entrepreneur is looking for models to work for him; Chu Man decides to give it a shot. But living with Jia Hao and his family, as well as loving neighbors, makes Chu Man wonder of whether or not she really just wants material stuff…

Okay first of all, the lead actress’ character is superb, best Taiwanese character ever made. This is the first time some as snobbish and arrogant is the lead; it’s actually extremely rare that the lead isn’t all goody-goody and miss-liked-by-everyone. And what I love most about her, and also why I rated as I did, was because of the changes she goes through. That itself was worth a lot of stars..
Second of, this drama was bound to be brilliant with Van Ness Wu in the lead. I mean, no matter in what position you put him in, he does it with wholeheartedly. Act as a romantic geek? Check! Act as a heartbroken millionaire with a vengeful soul? Double check! Lol, guess that’s what he’s best at..
On the other hand it can be draggy, I mean it took her 9 episodes to fall in love with him, and it took 9 episodes for him to forgive her… That’s the definition of draggy! But I really liked it. Very real, mature and makes you think : ) I recommend..

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts

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