27 March 2010

God of Study Review

Title: God of Study
AKA: Lord of Studying / Master of Study
Genre: School, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan to 2010-Feb
Cast: Kim Soo Ro, Bae Doo Na, Oh Yoon Ah, Yoo Seung Ho, Ji Yeon, Go Ah Sung, Lee Hyun Woo and Lee Chan Ho.

Kang Suk Ho (Kim Soo Ro) is sort a different lawyer: when he has a case, he'll put 100% effort into it, meaning EVERYTHING, which also means if he looses a case, he looses all. As he changes office once again, he gets a case about a school, whom he is familiar with; his high school. The school is known as "the trash school", where students dont do any effort in studies, and the teachers have given up on the students. The case he is given, is about the closing down of the school and changing it to a private school, which means all 'usual' students will be changed to other schools.
Kang Suk Ho decides to take the case, but instead of helping with the change, he wants to change the schools reputation, by making 5 students enter "Chun-Ha-Dae University" - Koreas most prestigious college. Jang Ma Ri (Oh Yoon Ah) has taken on the school after her father, ever since had fallen into a coma, but optimistic she isn't. In the matter of fact, she feels as if she is thrown into something that she hates, taking responsebility, so she is more than willing to do the change to private school, but ends up being persuaded by Suk Ho. Suk Ho's first meeting with the leader, Hwang Baek Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho), happens as Baek Hyun delivers food to Suk Ho's office, where Baek Hyun pulls a prank on Suk Ho. Baek Hyun is living alone with his grandmother, who always dreamed of Baek Hyun being a top student, but it happens that they're loosing their home, which Suk Ho uses as his advantage, and makes him join the special class. Other than Baek Hyun there are 4 other students that join: Gil Pul Ip (Go Ah Sung), childhood friend of Baek Hyun, and has always tried her best at studing. She lives with her mother, who owns a bar, and has an affair with a married man. The reason for her joining is her not wating to become like her mother. Hong Chan Doo (Lee Hyun Woo), childhood friend of both Baek Hyun and Pul Ip, and has always had a secret crush on Pul Ip. He loves dancing and has givin up on all kind of study. His father has always made all his decisions for him and has been very strict with him, whereas his mother is loving and caring and tries to support him, but fails as she cant say anything against her housebend. He joins the class together with Oh Bong Goo, because he wants more. Oh Bong Goo (Lee Chan Ho) is the son of resturant owners, who believe that Bong Goo isnt smart in any way. Bong Goo loves studying on the other hand, and joins because he want to study and do better. Lastly there is Na Hyun Jung (Ji Yeon, T-ara), she is the daughter of busy people, meaning parents that are too busy and simply dont care about her. She has a 'stalker-ish' crush on Baek Hyun, thats mainly the reason for her to join the class.
Han Soo Jung (Bae Doo Na) is a pasionate teacher, who LOVES all her students. She hates Kang Suk Ho, so she makes a deal with him: if 5 stundents vulenteerely join the 'special class', she will become the assistant teacher..

This has become one of my favorite dramas. I remember the japanese series "Dragon Zakura" which was the the storyline behind God of Study, and I loved it. God of Study is mainly the same as Dragon Zakura, but a little different. The korean version has focus on the study and relationship between the characters, whereas the japanese focuses on study and humanity (meaning what does it mean being a fellow human and friend). I love both, but the korean was great. It was fun, sad and interesting, and has less focus on the love story, which I perfer. Usually when watching korean dramas, I get annoyed; firsty, because the lovestories are too nauseating, secondly, the guys always seem to be hurt more than the girls. This drama did the opposite. The supporting girl was sad, not insane! Love it! The actors were fun and perfect for their roles, but my favorite would be Yoo Seung Ho, portraying Hwang Baek Hyun. Ive seriously never seen an actor crying, and still be able to cry cool and look cool aswell.. Hands down for you!
On another note, hot-korean-deliquents fighting and crying, yes please!! hehe.. verdict:

☆☆☆☆½ / 4,5 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

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