23 February 2010

The Prince of Tennis Review

Title: The Prince of Tennis
Genre: Sport, Friendship
Episodes: 22
Broadcast period: 2008
Opening song:Mei You Cai Hong De Yang Guang (Rainbowless Sunlight) by Zhong Kai, Mao Fang Yuan, Wu Di Wen, Wang Chuan Jun, Bai Xu Xu, Zhang Chao, Wei Bin and Xiang Ding.
Cast: Qin Jun Jie, Bai Xu Xu, Zhang Chao, Chen Ze Yu, Zhang Dai Fei, Yang De Min, Mao Fang Yuan, Xue Hao Wen, Whag Chaun Jun, Jiang Hong Bo, Xiang Ding and Mu Ting Ting.

The story is a about the young and (too) arrogant Long Ma (Qin Jun Jie), who usually lives in America, is sent back to China (he used to live with his mother in America). Not only is he arrogant, but he is actually a so called 'genius' in Tennis. Having won several championships in America, and being the son of a former (well-known) tennisplayer, he grew up with tennis. His father notices his arrogance, and askes one of his friends, who happens to be the coach of Qing Xue High School, to take him in and make him understand the true mening of tennis, and learn Long Ma, that tennis isn't a sport 'of one' as Long Ma sais it. As he joins the team mates bump heads with Long Ma, and the fact that he is the first freshman that takes a spot as a regular, doesn't help much...

I liked this drama. It was fun and it resembled the manga/anime alot. I loved how the used the "Mada mada dane~" (not quite there yet~) in the chinese version too, which Long Ma would use everytime his oppenent lost, the team sprirt, and the realtionships between the guys.
I found it great fun to see the guys in slowmotion and making funny movements (if you have seen the anime or read the mange, you see the guys making special 'attacks' - like twirling in the air, or shooting the ball so hard it goes through the bat-net). On the other hand, alot of the scenes seemed 'geeky', mainly because of the acting, which I have to say was not done THAT well by many of them. All in all, if you're up for fun, and like Tennis - like I do - you should watch it.

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥ / 3 out of 5 hearts

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