15 August 2018

Iryu Sosa 3 Review

Title: Iryu Sosa Season 3
AKA: CSI: Crime Scene Talks Season 3
Genre: Police, Mystery, Crime
Episodes: 9
Broadcast period:
Cast: Kamikawa Takaya, Saito Yuki, Nishimura Masahiko, Masana Bokuzo, Mashima Hidekazu and Namioka Kazuki.

This is the third season of the drama series.
The drama continues where the last season left off, and the team has been allowed to focus on big cases due to their success of solving them in the past. Even though the team is still intact, the MPD First Investigation Division sends over Morita Sosuke (Nishimura Masahiko), a serious and loyal veteran detective, who is the complete opposite of Itomura Satoshi (Kamikawa Takaya). Though the team is used to Itomura and his sudden weird antics, the headstrong Morita refuses to let Itomura trample on the ranks and structure of the Japanese Police Force. Being gentle by nature, and quite frankly uninterested in anything but the victims, Itomura doesn’t rebuff or comment on Moritas obejctions, which infuriates Morita even more.
As Morita gets more and more used to the team, his initial goal of reporting about the division becomes less and less important, and Itomuras unreasonable personality becomes a common thing…

Compared to season 2, this one seems a bit darker. Even though its better than season 1, it has some element -which I can’t put my finger on - but it gives you a different feel. I don’t know if it’s because of the colors, or if its different locations that are dark, but I felt I bit sadder watching this. The humor is also dark, which, I believe, contributes to the theme. The stories are amazing, I think my favorite of all 3 seasons. They are sad, heartbreaking, and most of all relatable.  
I didn’t like the main story though. It kind of felt repeated, and I am sick of people against Itomura, it’s boring. Same old song, even if it gradually becomes better, you just want to watch a team, not this typical story…
Anyways, cool season, with amazing side stories, but typical and recognizable main story.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

05 August 2018

Gye Baek Review

Title: Gye Baek
Genre: Period, Historical, Romance, Revenge, Melodrama
Episodes: 36
Broadcast period: 2011-Jul to 2011-Nov
Cast: Lee Seo Jin, Cho Jae Hyun, Oh Yeon Soo, Song Ji Hyo, Cha In Pyo, Hyo Min, Lee Hyun Woo and No Young Hak.

Due to the Queen being of Silla blood, an elite group of assassins try to kill her and the Crown Prince Ui Ja on a regular basis. This has prompted the King of Baekje to assign his most loyal and skilled swordsman Moo Jin (Cha In Pyo) to guard them.  But due to unforeseen events, the Queen dies to save her son, and Moo Jins wife dies while giving birth to a son, Gye Baek.
Several years later, Gye Baek (Lee Hyun Woo) now a youngster, works odd jobs, so he can take care of his drunk father. Here he meets merchant-in-training Eun Ko (Park Eun Bin), whom he immediately falls for. Moo Jin, who has lost his arm, has remarried, so the past is unknown, and Gye Baek believes his stepmother and stepbrother, are his real mother and brother. Though mourning, Moo Jin meets the Crown Prince Ui Ja (No Young Hak) again, now a regular Prince due to the new Queens (Oh Yeon Soo) son taking that title and sees right through his pretense, about not caring about the past.
While trying to uncover the truth, and helping Ui Ja, Moo Jin dies, while Gye Baek witnesses it. Filled with anger, Gye Baek blames Ui Ja for the murder of his father but ends up as a hostage of Silla. As years pass, Gye Baek (Lee Seo Jin) lives only for one sole purpose: to kill the man, who killed his father, unaware that there is more to the story than meets the eyes…

Yeah, I know this is very detailed, and yes, I did spoil a bit, but I tried to stay off the details, so if you decide to watch it, you will get several surprises and you will notice the details I left out.
Out of all the historical dramas out there, this one is the first one where I was in awe of the quality of the costumes - like the first 10 min seemed extremely well. I don’t now much about the uniforms of Baekje, but I know that the armor was iron, and it kind of looked like iron. In most dramas I can see that they are made of plastic (or whatever it is) but I didn’t in this one - at least not in the beginning. Also, it might be because I had the first episode in HD quality (I think 1080p), that might have something to do with it too. What I mean is, it was nice to see that there exist good costumes out there, like realistic ones anyways.
This is also one of my first dramas where the lead actors are over 30 years old, as they (directors, or whoever casts these actors) usually have young actors doing quality and popular dramas. And they were all ‘veteran’ actors, with skill, which was extremely nice to see. I have to admit, I was amazed by Song Ji Hyo. I never knew she could act mean or evil - she can officially do both. I liked her in this, and she is very good at acting. Though I noticed that she was tired (haha, blaming RM for that). The rest were good too.
The lacking thing in this one is both pace and extreme character development, which I couldn’t really comprehend. Though the fact that these developments are the reason the story end as it did.
But all in all, an alright drama that made me emotional, and confused at the same time.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

04 August 2018

Iryu Sosa 2 Review

Title: Iryu Sosa 2
AKA: Iryu Sosa Season 2/ CSI: Crime Scene Talks Season 2
Genre: Police, Mystery, Crime
Episodes: 8
Broadcast period: 2012-Jul to 2012-Sept
Cast: Kamikawa Takaya, Saito Yuki, Yashima Norito, Tanaka Tetsushi, Okada Yoshinori, Masana Bokuzo and Mashima Hidekazu.

This is the second season of the drama series.
After speaking up and undermining the ranks of the force, as he usually does, during an investigation at the First Investigation Division, Itomura Satoshi (Kamikawa Takaya) is demoted to work in a smaller station, in the outskirts of the city. This Investigation Team is led by Mizusawa Kyoko (Saito Yuki), and has few members, as well as small sections, such as traffic and guarding. Here Itomura isn’t tasked with the personal items, but he prefers to look at them, and investigate based on them. Though his team find him weird and occasionally annoying, they let him focus on the items left by the victims and have him investigate. This creates teamwork, as Itomura focuses on the families left behind, and his colleague focus on the crime…

Compared to season 1, this one I like way better. Not that it is much different: the premise and lead actor is the same. But I liked the supporting cast more in this one. Even if the characters didn’t support the lead, I felt that there was more teamwork in this season, compared to the first one. The characters are really likeable, and the side stories are good. Also, the guest stars were good actors, so an upgrade there…
This season has a bit more humor as well, and honestly, it is much more relatable, though I have to say, I am very surprised of how Itomura manages to find all those thigs out - but that is TV for you.
All in all, a good season, but better than the first one.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

03 August 2018

Jumong Review

Title: Jumong
AKA: Prince of the Legend
Genre: Period, Historical, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 81
Broadcast period: 2006-May to 2008-Mar
Cast: Song Il Kook, Han Hye Jin, Kim Seung Soo, Jeon Kwang Leol, Oh Yeon Su and Song Ji Hyo.

This is the story about the creation of Kogoryeo, and the people who started it.
While trying to fight the corrupt noblemen, Hae Mo Soo (Heo Jun Ho) and the crown prince Kum Wa (Jeon Kwang Leol) get caught up in political turmoil. The king saves the crown prince, but Hae Mo Soo is caught and tortured. Yoo Hwa (Oh Yeon Su), the only survivor of her clan had always admired Hae Mo Soo, thus the two had become lovers, but after Hae Mo Soo gets caught, the crown prince saves Yoo Hwa, by making her his concubine, while carrying the child of Hae Mo Soo.
Several years later, the son of Hae Mo Soo and Yoo Hwa, Ju Mong (Song Il Gook), now all grown up, was raised as the concubine’s son. Earning the utter contempt from his two older brothers, who believe that the now king prefers Ju Mong, rather than the two older sons. Though a brat, and quite useless, Ju Mong tries his best to be seen at “a piece of trash” so that he won’t get attention, but the jealous brothers try to kill him numerous times. After being thrown out of the royal house, Ju Mong ends up on the streets and meets So Seo No (Han Hye Jin), daughter of a merchant, again, where the first time she had saved him, after his brothers had attempted to kill him.
He starts working for the So family and becomes familiar with the world. At the same time the two princes desperately want Ju Mong dead, though fate has other plans for him…

This drama has been one of those that I watched the beginning of, with interest, but accidently read about the evolvement of the story, so I had it put on hold. As time had passed, I’d forgotten about the evolvement, and I decided to watch it again, so when the “thing” I wasn’t interested in seeing appeared, I remembered it, but had an easier time sitting through it. After watching the entire thing, I had mixed emotions, mostly frustration due to the love story, but as many of the “older” dramas, the romance is usually the subplot, so it isn’t given the same amount of “care” as the main story. That said, I didn’t care for the romance aspect, as it made me annoyed, and I ended up going: whoever, just save the wife please.
The main story is very interesting, and one of the better Korean period pieces, as it is action packed most of the way through - though it has moments where I was bored. But it tries to keep you invested.
It was funny seeing Song Il Kook so young, but honestly, I didn’t see much of a difference. The rest was alright, though there is something annoying about the female lead, even if she was the most bad-ass female lead I’ve seen in a long while, but I can’t really put my finger on it.
To sum up: a great and interesting drama with a frustrating love-triangle, but still decent storyline.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

31 July 2018

Iryu Sosa Review

Title: Iryu Sosa
AKA: CSI: Crime Scene Talks Season 1 / Iryu Sosa Season 1
Genre: Police, Mystery, Crime
Episodes: 11
Broadcast period: 2011-Apr to 2011-Jun
Cast: Kamikawa Takaya, Kanjiya Shihori, Sano Shiro and Osugi Ren.

Itomura Satoshi (Kamikawa Takaya) is the chief of the Scientific Criminal Investigation Unit, know as the Unit of Personal Effects by other cops. Ridiculed as a “timewaster”, he spends most of his time focusing on the personal effects of the victims, as he believes they can explain the behavior and thoughts, of the victims. Though undervalued, Itomura doesn’t care about the opinions of the others, and isn’t interested in the crimes - his focus is the victims and their families. He spends most time relaying the last moments to the families. Oda Miyuki (Kanjiya Shiori) is the only female detective in the First Investigation Division. Even though she is underestimated and discriminated due to her gender, she refuses to back down. But finds herself working with Itomura - who has been known to be a “promotion stopper” - even though she does not want to.
This drama focuses on the police force, but also on each crime/victim and their story…

This drama is one of those I found by accident while checking out the subtitle index update, and I kind of remember it from some time back, while watching the medical drama Iryu, as they share common name. Compared to other police dramas, this one is very different, as it focuses on the victims, and to be honest it feels incredibly weird. Instead of “rooting” for the capture of the criminals, I was shown the stories of the victims. Its very anti-climactic, but sort of refreshing, as you usually forget that the victims had fuller lives before being a victim. So that I really liked. I gotta say, the guest stars were bad at acting, I didn’t like that they seemed to “feel sad” or cry on cue… It ruins the set-up mood. Besides that, the other characters were to one track minded, which annoyed me a lot. I mean, it makes the Japanese police seem very bad.
Anyways, a decent watch, with good short stories.

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥ / 3 out of 5 hearts

30 July 2018

Miss Sherlock Review

Title: Miss Sherlock
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Episodes: 8
Broadcast period: 2018-Apr to 2018-Jun
Cast: Takeuchi Yuko, Kanjiya Shihori, Takito Kenichi, Nakamura Tomoya, Otani Ryohei and Ozawa Yukiyoshi.

This is a Japanese version on the classic story of Sherlock Holmes.
After spending time in war-stricken Syria, the empathetic and likeable doctor Tachibana Wato (Kanjiya Shihori) returns home, only to witness the death of her mentor. This leads to her meeting Sherlock (Takeuchi Yuko), a “consultant” to the police. Arrogant, unapologetic and with bad social skills, Sherlock is a master in deduction, and runs her own detective agency - but occasionally helps the police out in cases deemed ‘bizarre’ or ‘weird’.
At first these two completely different people dislike each other, but due to her apartment burning down, Tachibana moves into the same house as Sherlock. And slowly the two begin to form a partnership…

Being a fan of the original works, I had to watch this thing. Not only is the leads female, they actually are FEMALE! Lol! I love how natural and perfect they were for their characters, especially Wato (Watson). I know the main lead is Sherlock, but she was kind of like the “typical Sherlock” you would see. I love how human Wato was, but then again Watson is the one character I like more in the original story as well… Anyways.. The drama is well acted, the screenplay well executed, and storyline is also good. Though I felt the ending was a bit rushed, but that might be because there is so much happening, but oh well.
To sum up: a good drama and an interesting watch.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

12 July 2018

Aibou Season 11 Review

Title: Aibou Season 11
AKA: Partner Season 11
Genre: Action, Crime, Police
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct to 2013-Mar
Cast: Mizutani Yukata and Narimiya Hiroki.

This is the 11th season of the popular Japanese drama “Partners”.
While staying in China with his girlfriend Kai Toru (Narimiya Hiroki) is contemplating about a visit he had made to the Japanese ambassador, where a death had occurred. He runs into Sugishita Ukyo (Mizutani Yukata), who introduces himself as a police officer, and so does Toru. Though Toru finds him annoying, his attention shifts to another man he had met at the ambassador’s house. He confronts him, much to Sugishita’s interest, and notices that there seems to be much more about the case, than your regular death.
After arriving in japan, Ukyo finds out that Toru is the son of the Deputy Commissioner, though the Deputy Commissioner refuses to acknowledge Toru and/or his position as a police officer. Due to his odd and curious nature Sugishita decides to ask Toru more about the case in China, and the two unknowingly become partners while investigating the case…

I’ve been having this drama on my computer for some time now, as I was hoping the other 10 seasons would have subs, so I could watch them before this one. Unfortunately, as many other older Japanese dramas, this will not be the case. So, I decided to start it, and I did feel as if I missed a whole lot of the backstory. I really felt there was something I did not understand, or that I was missing something that was supposed to make fans go “aha!” or something like that. But I guess I’ll never find out.
That said, this drama is really great. I found it interesting and equal to the American crime tv shows. Of course, this was very Japanese, but that did not make it bad. Unless you prefer the American version that is.
I enjoyed the comedy, and I enjoyed the contrasting partnership. But sometimes I did scratch my head, as in I wondered how and why thing happen. Also, the solving part was confusing, but you would get used to it later on.
All in all, a nice time pass, and interesting cop drama.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

08 July 2018

A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three Movie Review

Title: A Chinese Odyssey Part Three
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Folklore, Action
Release Date: September 14, 2016
Origin: China
Cast: Han Geng, Tiffany Tang, Jacky Wu Jing and Karen Mok.

This is the third movie in the franchise, and a different twist to the original ending of part two.
After getting a hold of Pandoras Box, Zi Xia (Tiffany Tang) uses it to see into the future, of how she and Joker (Han Geng) are going to be in the future, only to witness her own death. When returning, she tries to read Jokers heart, and finds out that if he falls in love with her, she is bound to die, but might have a different fate if he returns to Bak Jing Jing (Karen Mok). This leads her to look for Jing Jing, who not only doesn’t believe Zi Xia, but refuses to accept Joker as the Monkey King.
As a last resort she decides to look for the Bull King (Zhang Chao) and marry him, in order to make Joker forget about her, but Joker who already has fallen for Zi Xia, saves her and ends up in a fight with the Bull King. During all this, the Longevity Monk (Jacky Wu Jing) finds Joker, to tell him about his identity. At the same time, the Monkey Kings arch enemy the Six Ears Monkey (Han Geng), with the Jade Emperor, try to take down the possible rebirth of the Monkey King…

To tell the truth, Han Geng was the reason I opted to watch this trilogy. I had seen that the third instalment had Han Geng as the lead, which is why I watched the entire thing. Though I have to say Han Geng was amazing, in portrayal of the monkey king, and the imitation of Stephen Chow, which by the way was flawless. The cameos were great too, and I gotta admit, I enjoyed this movie, though I was hoping for something different. It wasn’t necessarily boring, but I wasn’t totally into it, as the storyline was a bit… the same? I mean, I get it’s the third instalment, and we are doing the entire “retelling of the second movie”, but I honestly felt, I could’ve done without this movie.
So, all in all, an enjoyable movie, but noting out of the ordinary.

☆☆☆½ / 3½ out of 5 stars

♥♥♥ / 3 out of 5 hearts

07 July 2018

Mystery Queen Review

Title: Mystery Queen 2
AKA: Queen of Mystery 2
Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2018-Feb to 2018-Apr
Cast: Choi Kang Hee, Kwong Sang Woo, Lee Da Hee and Park Byung Eun.

This drama continues where the last left off.
Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Kang Hee) got divorced from her prosecutor husband, and now lives with her best friend Kim Kyung Min (Kim Hyun Sook). The two are both trying to get into the police academy, though Seol Ok still helps Ha Wan Seung (Kwong Sang Woo) with cases during her free time. Unfortunately, Seol Ok isn’t able to make the cut for the academy, even though Kyung Min does. And while trying to study and/or find places to do so, she gets involved in several cases - which she, with Wan Seung, tries t solve.
During a case they encounter Jung Hee Yeon (Lee Da Hee), who runs several cake shops around Seoul. Though her personality is nice and very likeable, there seems to be a deeper truth behind her interest in Wan Sung... 

After watching season one, I was intrigued to watch this season, since I felt the previous one had been lacking a lot of different things. I like that they tried to make the love story of these two with a sense of humor, unfortunately that became boring half way through, and I lost interest. Even the “jealousy” parts were boring, though I admit, I laughed at them. I like that we were introduced to the families of the characters, and I like that they added new characters that recurred. Though the main story was boring - the thing with Wan Seungs past - the small stories were alright. Truth be told, this drama isn’t memorable. It has funny moments, but fails, if you ask me, in the serious parts, and has a bad story line.
My verdict is the same as I mentioned in the first season: this drama is okay, with decent acting.

☆☆☆½ / 3½ out of 5 stars

♥♥♥ / 3 out of 5 hearts

06 July 2018

In His Chart 2 Movie Review

Title: In His Chart 2
AKA: Kamisama no Karute 2
Genre: Drama, Family
Release Date: March 21, 2014
Origin: Japan
Cast: Sakurai Sho, Miyazaki Aoi and Fujiwara Tatsuya.

This sequel continues few months later than where the first movie left off.
Kurihara Ichito (Sakurai Sho) works at Honjo Hospital and is still famous for never turning down a patient during his night watch. His wife Kurihara Haruna (Miyazaki Aoi) is heavily pregnant, expecting to give birth soon, but that doesn’t change the doctors working hours, nor the dynamic of the couple. During a conference Kurihara meets his college friend Shindo Tatsuya (Fujiwara Tatsuya), known as a “Tokyo elite”, though he for unknown reasons transfers to the town hospital, Honjo Hospital.  At first Kurihara rejoices, but soon butts heads with him, as Shindo seems to care less about the hospital and the patients, and more about leaving earlier than everyone else.
That changes when one of their senpais becomes a patient: the two begin to question what it means to be an “excellent” doctor, and how to balance between work/patients and family/home life…

Having watched the first movie some time back, I could still remember the feeling I had then, while watching this one. It did remind me of the original, but it also felt a bit “newer” compared to the original. Of course, that has something to do with Fujiwaras characters entry, but still, the rest felt more comprehendible, as the first one was a bit more unrelatable. I guess this one could be categorized as ‘closer to home’, since it’s easier to identify with the loss of someone we know, rather than losing a patient.
Sakurai was good as usual, so was Miyazaki, and I really liked Fujiwaras portrayal of his character, even though was a supporting character - he really felt more like an equal to the lead. So, nice co-acting from both.
All in all, a good movie with fine acting.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts

04 July 2018

Triangle Review

Title: Triangle
Genre: Family, Romance, Action, Crime
Episodes: 26
Broadcast period: 2014-May to 2014-Jul
Cast: Kim Jae Joong, Lee Bum Soo, Im Si Wan, Baek Jin Hee and Oh Yeon Soo.

This drama follows three brothers, separated as children, spread to different walks of life, and reunited by fate.
Jang Dong Soo (Lee Bum Soo) is a cop with a horrible temperament. As a child, he was separated by his younger brothers, which he feels guilty about. After another failed arrest on mobster Go Bok Tae, questions about his mental health arise, and profiler/psychologist Hwang Shin Hye (Oh Yeon Soo) is asked to asses it. The two had known each other in the past, and he had lived with her family after loosing his siblings.
At the same time, Heo Young Dal (Kim Jae Joong) a jobless gambler, devotes most of his time spending money, he had blackmailed from older women, on gambling. After being busted by Dong Soo, he is reluctantly put to work as an informant, to smoke out Go Bok Tae.
One evening Young Dal meets and falls for Oh Jung Hee (Baek Jin Hee), who works a dealer. There the two also meet Yoon Yong Ha (Im Si Wan), the adopted son of a rich CEO. Soon Yong Ha starts to get interested in Jung Hee, and a dislike for Young Dal.
As their lives entwine, fate decides to play a cruel joke on them, and the three become enemies…

In the past I’ve been complaining about too coincidental situations and relationships, but this time around, I didn’t feel annoyed at the fact that the three brothers “happened” to meet each other like they did. And I think it is because you know it from the start, so you are just expecting it. You wait till they finally share screen together, and hope they’ll know who the other one is. This made the “coincidence” seem less like a coincidence, but more like actual fate. I like that the three had different, some more realistic than the other, reactions to the fact that they are related. The three male leads are alright, though the main focus is Jae Joong - everyone loves an underdog - and most of the screen time belongs to him. But you still get the other stories. I didn’t like how little the females were involved, basically just for the love story aspect (three-way love story) and a little bit of the memory part, else they were useless.
The amount of gambling in this drama just bores me. I guess some people find it interesting, but for the average viewer who has no interest in it, I almost fell asleep. And it just took way too much time.
So all in all, an alright drama that focuses too much on gambling, and too little on the females…

☆☆☆ / 3 stars out of 5 stars

♥♥♥ / 3 out of 5 hearts

24 June 2018

Misty Review

Title: Misty
Genre: Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2018-Feb to 2018-Mar
Cast: Kim Nam Joo, Ji Jin Hee, Jeon Hye Jin, Im Tae Kyung and Go Joon.

Go Hye Ran (Kim Nam Joo) is the top announcer, famous for her beauty and ability to stay relevant for seven years. This has taken a toll on her marriage with her husband Kang Tae Wook (Ji Jin Hee), a prosecutor from a wealthy family. The two rarely talk, and only stay together because of the title.
When her boss pressures her to step down, to have a younger announcer fill the seat, Hye Ran is given the last opportunity to save the seat, by doing a special on the famous American-Korean golfer Lee Jae Young (Go Joon). But when she meets him, she realizes that he is her past lover she had left, right before marrying Tae Wook. Jae Young has a vendetta against Hye Ran and to make matters worse, he is now married to her childhood friend Seo Eun Joo (Jeon Hye Jin).
Bewildered by the situation, unwilling to let out a scandal, afraid to ruin her position, and determined to keep her position, she decides to work with Jae Young, even if it means to be terrorized by him.
But when he is found dead, all evidence points to Hye Ran, so Tae Wook decides to defend her - and everything is turned upside down…

When I first heard about this drama, I really liked the premise, and it seemed to be a bit different than the usual k-dramas out there. Though I finished it, and I kind of did watch it because of the story, I didn’t expect it to be so dark and quite frankly twisted. The entire thing was made in dark colors, and the characters were much complicated than your usual k-drama. Unfortunately, that didn’t make this drama better, it just made seem like a spiral of cruelty and sorrow. You are not aware of this while watching it, but by the ending depression sinks in, as it really is a gloomy drama. The drama does give you small hopes along the way, only to crash in the end… And God I disliked the ending. Not because the ending was bad, but how it was executed…
Acting wise: good, even though it’s the first time watching Kim Nam Joo act, so I have nothing to compare it with.
So all in all, do I recommend? I don’t really know - not something I would watch again…

☆☆☆½ / 3½ out 5 stars

♥♥♥ / 3 out of 5 hearts

12 June 2018

Keiji Ballerino 2016 SP Review

Title: Keiji Ballerino
AKA: Inspector Ballerino/Detective Ballerino
Genre: Crime, Comedy
Air date: 1 January 2016
Cast: Nakajima Yuto, Takashima Masahiro and Nagasaku Hiromi.

Usushima Kurumi (Nakajima Yuto) dreamt of becoming a ballerino, but due to his age and stature, he decided to become a detective, when he became awestruck by a police officer saving a life. On his first day at the job, he is assigned to partner up with a senior detective, Washio Takao (Takashima Masahiro). Even though Kurumi isn’t a ballerino by occupation, he keeps his posture straight and gesture on point, which annoys the ruff and stern partner. The two initially have different views on life and work, they soon find middle ground, as they are assigned a case, where assailants attack certain doctors, but are unable to remember what had happened during the offense.
This leads them to seek help from a therapist Shimpei Azusa (Nagasaku Hiromi) that specializes in hypnosis, and soon they find themselves in the world of hypnosis and past lives…

I know the summary is confusing, which the special is by the way, but if you go with the flow, the drama kind of has a decent pace. Though there is a fine line between the ridiculousness and the seriousness, it has a very good storyline. I don’t favor re-birth and past lives stories, but I didn’t mind this one. I did get confused, because there really are many things happening in 1,5 hours, but it’s alright, as it does ‘hold your hand’ during it all.  Acting wise, great: Nakajima is a superb actor, I mean he was believable, from beginning till end…
So, do I recommend it? Yeah, if you are interested in a different kind of journey, this is most definitely an interesting watch…

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts