25 April 2011

My Little Bride Movie Review

Title: My Little Bride
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Origin: Korea
Release date: 2004-Apr-01
Cast: Moon Geun Young and Kim Rae won.

Having their families knowing each other for generations, the teaser and somewhat pervert Park Sang min (Kim Rae won) and the sassy but innocent Seo Bo eun (Moon Geun Young) basically grew up together. When Sang min returns to Korea, after being told that Be oun’s grandfather (he calls him grandfather too) is sick, the two of them are told to get married. Because Bo eun is much younger than Sang min (she’s 15), and still a high school student, everyone is against it, especially Bo eun, since she has fallen for her schools baseball ace, and finally is able to date him. After long protests the two of them are eventually forced into marriage, but Bo eun has a plan: date her crush without anyone finding out about her housebound, which becomes problematic after Sang min starts as the new teacher.

I’m sitting here and having one question in mind: how did this manage to be the second most popular Korean movie of 2004? Yeah, it’s fun, but it wasn’t all that… I felt it was lacking, and not to mention slow. On the other hand, very 90’s.. but this is released in 2004`? Doesn’t make sense.. The lead couple is brilliant though, not to mention Kim Rae Won, he actually outshined Moon Geun Young… Do you believe it?
Okay, it’s not like the movie sucks, it is good, and picks up the pace occasionally, and you don’t hate it in the end, or I didn’t anyway :P

☆☆☆½ / 3½ out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

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