22 March 2010

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Review

Title: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
AKA: The Pefect Girl Evolution
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 10
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan to 2010-Mar
Theme song: Love yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~ by KAT-TUN
Cast: Kamenashi Kazuya, Tegoshi Yuya, Oomasa Aya, Uchi Hiroki and Miyao Shuntaro.

The story revolves around the four most populat guys in college, Takano Kyohei(Kamenashi Kazuya), Toyama Yukinojo (Tegoshi Yuya), Oda Takenaga (Uchi Hiroki) and Morii Ranmaru (Miyao Shuntaro). All four are handsome, and have each a title given by the girls in the school; Takano: No 1 with the manliest body, Yukinojo: the no 1 guy you would love to snuggle with, Oda: the no 1 sexist guy in a bathtub and Ranmaru: no 1 most seductive guy. They have a HUGE number of fans, and stalkers. They are so popular, that they fear valentines day. All four are friends, and share a "share-house" together, where their landlord is the son, a 8 year old kid, of the landlady. Takano has always had problems with getting to pay the rent since he always gets into trouble because of his looks. All turns head over heals, when the landlady says, that if they turn her niece, Nakahara Sunako(Oomasa Aya) into a 'Yamato Nadeshiko"(a perfect lady) the rent will be for free, but there is a catch. She is a Hikikomori (a person who is withdraw from socity) and is afraid of 'light beings', and she love horror movies, and LOVES sculls and dark rooms..

This drama was huge fun (dont remember laughing out loud this much since My Boss My Hero), and the characters were great as well. I dont like Kamenashi as a person, but he is great as Kyohei, the loud-short-tempered-fella-with-a-complex-about-his-face. The character fitted him well, and he is good at acting aswell. Tegoshi I LOVED. His sweet-cute-girl-looking-chibi-voiced character was to die for. Whereas Kyohei is strong, Yukinojo was a weakling you would cuddle to death. Im used to weird Tegoshi and cool Tegoshi, seeing him in this role made me like him even more. Uchi as Takenaga was superb. The role fit him well, and I was glad seeing him on screen again. The one I liked the most must have been Miyao as Ranmaru, the ULTIMATE player which was the most fun. His character of the pretty, but weird. The role as the player fitted him EXTREMELY well. Oomasa as the hikkomori is REAL fun and she does it with SUCH an easy, you would think she was one (hint: shes a model). To sum up, fun and sweet. If you like J.E Boys or just goodlooking guys in general, and you want a great laugh, this would be your pick..

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥½ / 2½ out of 5 hearts

Jenji's verdict
Haahaahaaaaah... Lol this drama.. It was weird, funny, cute and soooo much more. There were "eeeeeh?" 's , "wahahahhahahahah!" 's , "woooaaah" 's and .....'s . Now if you are looking for a comedy you've just gotta watch this one. Plus it got like Kamenashi-kun and Tegoshi-kun in it. Well Tegoshi plays the sensitive guy and he is really cute and all but Kame,, Omg,, even though he is supposed to be like the tough guy and all,, dude he made me cry so bad at the end. Never judge a bad guy bad!! haha ! They got a really gooooood reason to be as they are. It was seriously so frickn sad!! >< . ayaaaaa,,, how can someone treat a person like that. I mean i get it it is stressful to be pretty aso but still.. A mother is a mother and a child needs his mother . What is up with those parents.. ufff... They got no right to do that to him.. aaaagh... >< .
And the girl.. hahahah I thnk she's just a bit stupid. Hehehehe. U see she liked this guy when she was younger and he like told her he doesnt like ugly girls then she freaked out and started liking.. horror things.. i mean theres nothing wrong with horror. its just the reason why she ..turned to horror. And so Kyohei (Kame) gotta make her a lady so he doesnt 've to pay his rent, and at first that is all he thnks about. But later on he starts to like her.. ^^ and well just watch it. Its one of those japanese drama u gotta watch .
I agree with Bunji's... rate.
♥♥♥ hearts

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