What's OishiiThoughts?
'Oishii' is Japanese for 'delicious', and combined with thoughts, its Delicious Thoughts.. OT is two girls, who love Asian drama, and are completely 'otaku' (geeky) about everything that involves Asia (mostly random stuff). Here you can find DDL for several dramas and/or movies (requests welcome, but limited), and drama reviews from honest opinions (lols, ours) - and by honest I mean Bunji (me!), Jenji has a weak spot for some guys.. They brainwash her.

Who are Bunji, Jenji and Kamji?
Bunji is a mad girl, born in 1991. With a strong opinion and firm hand she decided to start a blog, where she wanted her thoughts and opinions to surface. And what better than what she does as a hobby? Watching drama, and commenting on them. With that thought she went to Jenji, a blank girl born in 1993, who laughed at first, but liked the idea. The blank girl nagged and complained a lot, but due to the firm hand and nice layout she decided to continue (the nagging is still there though). Bunji is the Noona, that's why everything is almost controlled by her, and we appreciate the Unni-Dongseng relationship, which Jenji is still unclear about, but she's learning. In 08/08/14 Jenji went on an early retirement, and Kamji joined.
Kamji is a year younger dongseng than Jenji, and respects the Unni (Bunji) more than Jenji.. Even calls Bunji Unni all the time *Bunji is liking and doting Kamji a lot*. She is born '94 and was a dedicated reader, also very much into dramas - mainly Kdrama, but drama nonetheless.

What is 'Quality Rating'?
Quality rating is the 'how many stars' does this drama deserve. There are different aspects to be considered here, and it's decided from person to person, but a low rating cannot be given, if you don't like the drama/film. Here the rating is based on the quality, meaning dialogues, screen-play, randomness, interaction with the leads, acting skills, and etc.

What is 'Emotion Rating'?
Emotion rating is 'how many hearts' does this drama deserve. This is completely subjective, different from quality rating, meaning how did you feel as you finished watching it, whether you liked it or not, how the characters effected you, and etc.

What is '_____ Finish'?
There are four Finish:
- First 'Bunji's Recent Finish': Reviews of the movies and/or dramas Bunji finished within this current month (or sometimes within the period of layout changing)
- Second 'Kamji's Recent Finish': Reviews of the movies and/or dramas Kamji finished within this current month (or sometimes within the period of layout changing)
- Third 'Other finish *2016*': Reviews older than a month.
- and lastly: 'Other finish *2010-2015*: Reviews made in those years. 

How does the 'review-system' work?

- Well first off there is a short introduction of the movie/drama, like facts such as the name, genre, episodes etc.
- Afterwards there is a short summary about what the drama is about (may sometimes sound a bit subjective, sorry because its suppoused to be obejctive)
- Then there is the oppinion about the drama, 100% subjective
- Lastly the rating