15 August 2010

Secret Movie Review

Title: Secret
Genre: Romance
Origin: China
Release date: July 27, 2007
Cast: Jay Chou, Kwai Lun-Mei, Anthony Wong Chau-sang, Alice Tzeng

Ye Xianglun is a piano player and a student in music. He transfers to a new school, a school for musicians and different artist. On the first day another student, Qing Yi shows him around. But later on he decides to check the school out himself. He walks into an old building where he can hear someone play the piano, a melody he hasnt heard before. He follows the sound and when he enters a room with an old piano he sees a girl. He asks her about the song she was playing but she tells him its a secret. Ye Xianglun becomes very interested in the girl because she isnt like the other girls at school. They start liking each other and one day he tells her to meet him after school in the room with the old piano. So while he waits for her to come he is playing the piano with his eyes closed. When he hears the door open and someone come in he points with his and on his lips, like he wants a kiss from her. She kisses him but then he realizes it was Qing Yi as he hears the other girl run away, she saw them kiss. Ye Xianglun quickly runs after her but isnt able to find her. So time pass by and he cant get in contact with the girl. Until the day of their graduation. He told her before that he would play a song for her on the day of their graduation and so she came. As soon as he saw her he ran after her. He tells her to meet him in their classroom. When he gets there she isnt there. And he asks some of his friends if they've seen her. And they go like "who?" then he says "remember the girl i was dancing with at ur party?" and they say "Dude u were like dancing with yourself" . Then he starts remembering everything, but he cannot understand . Was it all his imagination? Or does the girl really exist? What was the song she was playing? The secret?

I dont remember who suggested this movie to me, but daaamn. As i was watching it i thought it was like really nice and all. Especially when they played the piano it was really cool, and OMO they had like piano duels A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! Really its like ur jaw just drops. It goes like really fast. And it seems that Jay Chou was the director?? and the music was also by him. Cool. And there might even be a Secret 2. But where were i? oh,, i was thinking its nice and all and then , the point where he finds out that well.. how do i explain. She doesnt really exist. Then i got really confused. Like how and what and all.. But it was cool. And omg his father.. He is so cool. He's like a teacher at the school and he is like really strict. But people dont know its his son. But at home (Ye Xianglun and his father live alone) he is so much fun! like one of those father that are so energetic and when Ye Xianglun asked him a question he goes like "ill tell you if you dance with me" and then they start dancing FUN!

☆☆☆½/ 3.5 out of 5 stars.

♥♥♥♥♥/ 5 hearts out of 5

and as a bonus: piano: ☆☆☆☆☆!

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