22 September 2010

Liar Game: The Final Stage Movie Review

Title: Liar Game: The Final Stage
AKA: Liar Game The Movie
Genre: Psychological thriller
Origin: Japan
Release date: 6 March 2010
Cast: Toda Erika, Matsuda Shota, Watanabe Ikkei and Kichise Michiko.

After finally being able to leave the horrible game, LIAR GAME, the naive Kanzaki Nao (Toda Erika) tries to get her life back on track. One day, when she returns home, she receives a letter from the ‘game’, saying that she has been elected to be part of the final stage of the game. In order to get her to join, Tanimura Mitsuo (Watanabe Ikkei) tells her that she is the only one to save Akiyama Shinchi (Matsuda Shota), he friend and helper through the entire game, and the only one he trusts.
As naive as she is, she accepts, and leaves for the finals, were she is shocked to see that the gamers and game have become more horrible than before.

Wohoo!! The best way to end this series, and the best game EVER!! (I mean of all, the “Garden of Eden” game was the best). I liked the fact that Nao became cooler, even though she still is so naive her mind has become smarter. She really makes the twists in this series.
Toda Erika and Matsuo Shota as a couple are beyond amazing! They have this weird chemistry, were you go “is he flirting?” and “did she just say that because she likes him?”. But that is also the one thing I didn’t like; you wonder whether they like each other all the time.
I’m not going to spoil no more.

☆☆☆☆½ / 4,5 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts

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