12 March 2012

Bachelor Vegetable Store Review

Title:Bachelor Vegetable Store
Genre: Melodrama, comedy, romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast period: 2011-Dec-21 to 2012-Mar-08
Cast: Ji Chang Wook, Wang Ji hye, Kim Young Kwang, Park Soo Jin, Hwang Shin Hye, Lee Se Young, Park Won Sook, Jang Hang Sun, Kim Do Yun, Jun Nok Min, Lee Gwang Soo, Ji Hyuk, Sung Ha, Shin Won Ho, Sa Mi Ja, Jang Jae Ho

A drama based on a true story of a young boy, Han Tae Yang, who dreams of becoming the happiest vegetable seller. As a young boy he loses his mother and his father runs away, leaving him and his sister with their old, sick grandmother. Han Tae Yang is best friends with Jin Jin Shim, a girl, also orphan. While they are young something happens and Jin Jin Shim disappears.
Years later Han Tae Yang is still waiting for Jin Jin Shim, and is struggling to support his sister and himself. But soon things changes and he starts working at the market where he meets Mok Ga On, a name he knew before. Will he ever fulfill his dream? Will he ever meet Jin Shim again? Well he starts with 4 other friends and fights his way up!

The reason I watched this drama? Ji Chang Wook. I loved Warrior Baek Dong Soo so I had to watch another of his dramas. Honestly I was disappointed. It wasnt the greatest acting, I love his character but this was just getting a bit too much, maybe because the drama has so many sad scenes I got tired of seeing his sad expression lol. Anyway Im starting to like the actress Wang Ji Hye, I didnt like her before tehee,, and yeah it is the story of rich vs poor again but not the same way, its about a psychic mother who want revenge and she is seriously sick. The whole drama revolves around her being crazy and doing all sorts of things to get rid of Tae Yang. But still it wasnt bad at all. Actually its a really good drama. Made me want to fight for something (still dont know what,, should I become a farmer? lol). Well it is a true story after all, of a man starting from nothing, the bottom, and fighting his way up while going against some big stupid rich people, and help from other rich people lol. And I soooo loved the fathers character, he is like the perfect father, but who does he have to have such a uughr wife! And also how the 5 of them, Tae Yang and his friends work together was really nice watching.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts

Bunji's Verdict
(Blank). That was my reaction. This was one heavy drama, and on top of that long… like really long. It has great actors and the screenplay seemed pretty okay, but damn the main love story was clean bull shit. Pardon my language, but I really sucked, and left me cheering for the couple NOT to end up together (eventhough I wanted to two supporting actors - Dan Bi and Seol Woo - to end up together), I really thought that it was completely unnecessary and would have been amazing if they had just made a story about a guy and his friends trying to start a business. I really have no idea why they would add such a lousy story as a main. I mean a lot of the side stories were great - especially compared to the main. This was one of THE hardest to finish, but I had to since it’s Lee Gwang Soo :D Though I have to give credit to the rest of the drama: every back story was great, every obstacle was intuiting, and every solution was decent.
That said, I wouldn’t even bother unless you want melodrama, with a tummy ache.

☆☆☆½ / 3½ out of 5 stars

♥♥♥ / 3 out of 5 hearts

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