Name: Fatima Al Chahidi
AKA: Kamji (Kam stands for kame which is turtle. Turtle represents me very well)
Age: 21 (yup, from the golden generation '94), b-day: 19 January
First Drama: Hana Kimi (the taiwanese)
Fave Drama: Aah so many, Bridal Mask, A Gentlemans Dignity, Can You Hear My Heart, Jang Ok Jung, Warrior Baek DongSu, Autumns Concerto, Buzzer Beat...
Fave Actor/Actress: Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ah-In,
Fave Arashi: Sakurai Sho
Fave Big Bang: G-Dragon (Love his music, aaand he's cool), Taeyang (shirtless MV's kekeke)
Fave Suju: I like them all, I don't have a fave actually.
Fave MBLAQ: Miiiiiiiiiiiir
Fave SHINee: I like them all, although I'm not that interested in them.
Other Fave: I love JYJ!! And a growing interest for BTS 
Suki(Likes): Eating delicious food, korean variety shows, travelling!, and lots lots of dramas ~
Kirai(Hates):Waking up, and realize it's monday. Watching an ongoing drama (makes me sooo frustrated I forget how to live). People with double morale.
Hobbies: Watching drama, what else ^^
Current Occupation: Trying to figure out my life...
Dream: Roadtrip to South Korea
Last Words: There is no last words... END

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