Name: Fatima Music (Yup, that is my real surname)
AKA: Bunji (By Jenji, adabted from other nick: Bunny, don't ask why), Cherry, Hime etc.
Age: 25, b-day: March 13th.
First Drama: Hana Kimi Taiwan.. Fell in deep love with the manga additude..
Fave Drama: MARS, Buzzer Beat, Autumn's Concerto, My Lucky Star, Devil Beside You, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Maou, Cain & Abel, ROOKIES and Runaway.
Fave Actor/Actress: Well, to be honest I have a million (LOL!), but currently I'm crazy about Lee Joon's acting.
Fave Arashi: Ohno Satoshi~
Fave Big Bang: T.O.P, living and breating talent xD
Fave Suju: Han Geng (He still hasn't left!), YeSung (Cuz hes awkward) and EunHyuk (I find him SO adorable)
Fave MBLAQ: Lee Joon-ssi Lovely! 
Fave SHINee: Lee JinKi! AKA Onew!
Other Fave: SHINHWA!! I sooo love them!
Suki(Likes): Sleeping, Drama, Gaming and Sleeping~ (MBLAQ, SHINHWA, JYJ, BIG BANG & ARASHI)
Kirai(Hates): Everything that's suffercating... now u think of suffercating stuff :P
Hobbies: Drama, FanFics, Books and boybands xD
Current Occupation: The future Yankumi, lol, no just a teacher :D
Dream: ... Currently? Finishing those dramas Ive started :P
Last Words:
"Once a fish, always a fish" - I made that one up!!! hahahhahha!!