21 February 2010

The Rose Review

Titel: The Rose
Genre: Family relations, Romance
Episodes: 26
Broadcast period: 2003
Opening theme song: Hua Dou Kai Hao Le by S.H.E
Cast: Ella Chen, Jerry Huang, Joe Cheng, Selina Ren, Joelle Lu, Cecilia Yip and Hebe Tian.

This drama is about the boring, not-so-pretty, often called ugly, and chubby Bai He (Ella Chen). She is having the worst day of her life; her boyfriend leaves her for another girl, whom he sais is a waaaaaay more attractive woman, her grandmother, whom she had been living with her entire life, dies from a stroke, and she is thrown out of her house. But on the same day she finds a letter, from her grandmother, explaining to her, that her real mother still is alive, and that she is the famous actress Han Li (Cecilia Yip).
Bai He, who never had a mother, leaves then to meet her mother, only to find out that the same mother has 3 more children, the 26 year old Han Fu Rong (Joelle Lu), the 21 year old Han Jin (Jerry Huang) and the 17 year old Han Kui (Joe Cheng), who all, which includes Bai He, have different fathers. Bai He is immediately hated by all three children; expecially Han Kui, whom she catches kissing Han Jin, in the middle of the night, while Jin is sleeping.
Things escalate as she falls in love with Jin, making Kui hate her more, but as he spends time with her, he starts to like her more and more, getting into a complex in being in love with both his sister and brother. Bai He then finds out about Jin's fiancé, Qin (Selina Ren), who's dead, and Jin cant get over or cope with it, but starts to fall for Bai He. Soon the truth is revealed and they find out that Bai He isn't really related to any of them, only by Kui, to Kui's despair...

I kind a liked the drama. It was fun, sad and dramatic - not really my style.. Oh well. I liked the "looks-complex" that is presented in the drama, and how superfical some people are. This drama warms your heart - or shocks it - but either way, its a good watch.
I loved Ella Chen in this drama, and I found it kind a funny, that she only acts in those "ugly-girl" dramas, but seriously, the role suits her perfectly. And you gotta love her facial expressions.
I was pleasently surprised with Jerry Huang, Ive only seen him in "Ying Ye 3+1" playing a supporting role, but in this, he was like a dream, you wanted to hug him. (And I couldn't keep myself from lauging seeing the hight differece, between Ella and him.. Least 30 cm!! haha, but kind a cute as he hugged her). Im not a big fan of Joe Cheng, and he didnt quite become my favorite seeing him in thid drama, expecially with the hair (looked like Rapunzel :P), but his character as the loud and annoying one really suits him, and I at the end was hoping for Xiao Feng (Hebe Tian) to pop up, eventhough her role was VERY limited (which is a bit dull, since I think her character would've made a huge difference), she really liked Kui.
All in all, if you like melodramas, guys with lonely blue eyes and Ella Chen's facial expressions, this one is your pick...

☆☆☆½/3,5 out of 5 stars

♥♥½ / 2½ out of 5 hearts

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