22 May 2013

A Werewolf Boy Movie Review

Title: A Werewolf Boy
AKA: Wolf Boy, Neukdae Sonyeon
Genre: Fantasy, romance, melodrama
Origin: South Korea
Release date: 31st October 2012
Cast: Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young, Lee Young Lan, Jang Young Nam, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Hyang Gi, Yoo Sung Mok, Seo Dong Soo, Woo Jeong Guk, Gu Bon Im, Nam Jung Hee, Ahn Do Gyu, Shin Bi. . .

Suni (Park Bo Young) is a young girl who lives with her mother and her younger sister, she doesn't go to school because she has been sick. Her family decides to move to the countryside in order for her to get better. Ji Tae (Yoo Yeon Seok), the son  of her deceased father's friend buys them a house, in which a man used to study dogs died. One day as Suni and her mother are doing some chores around the house, Suni spots something by the house. At first they think it is an animal but realise it's a young boy (Song Joong Ki). They give some food to him and take him into their house. The young boy does not talk, doesn't really seem to understand what they are saying either, and behaves extremely unusually, like a wolf. They take him to the doctter and to the police in order to find out who he is, but do not get much information, and decide to take care of him for the time. Meanwhile, Suni, who is not delighted about the mannerless boy, finds an old book about dog training, she decides to take the case in her hand, teaching him how to behave. She names him Chul Soo and the two grow in affection for each other. However Ji Tae starts making trouble for them, which makes it hard for Chul Soo to control his nature as a wolf boy.

First of all I found the acting to be extraordinary, Joong Ki blows you away with his acting of a wolf boy. He does it so well that he makes it hard for you to recognize him. He does not really have any lines, so he must have put it all in his acting and body language. Park Bo Young as well, great acting, I am thinking of a specific scene right now which makes your hair rise. The theme of course we have seen a few times before and I kept having this one story in my head which made me expect things to go differently but then it took this very fictional turn, which at first I didn't like, but then I thought, wait I keep thinking of the other story, so if I judge this story for itself I understand it much better, and so I liked it anyway. I don't know why but the way the movie was made felt not so korean. Maybe I've watched a lot of bad korean movies lol. But very well done, I recommend it! It's cute story with a lot of cute moments, it is long but does not feel very long, since it is quite interresting.

☆☆☆☆☆ / 5 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥♥ / 5 out of 5 hearts

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