23 February 2011

19-nineteen Movie Review

Title: 19-Nineteen
I'm 19 / My 19 Years / 19 Years Old
Genre: Suspense, Crime
Origin: Korea
Release date: 2009-Nov-12
Cast: Heo Yi Jae, T.O.P and Seung Ri.

A hairdressing trainee with a sick mother, Cha Eun Young (Heo Yi Jae), a useless student with conservative parents and talent in rapping, Seo Jung Hoon (T.O.P), and a rich genius with overprotective parents, Park Min Seo (Seung Ri), have two thing in common: all nineteen years old and all accused for the murder of Oh Young Ae, a women any of them barely knew. Eun Young happens to be a old classmate of hers, and is linked to the death because of Young Ae’s sudden contact to her. Jung Hoon happens to work with her, and the day after their date, she is found dead. Min Seo has never spoken to her, he had fancied her for a long time, even secretly took pictures of her.
As the three of them are at the police station, they are questioned, pressured and provoked, which leads them to run away, at the same time.
The three of them become friends, and decide to stay on the run, until the police finds the real murder.

I watched this a couple weeks ago, was never in the mood to write a review. I can say it’s good, not great, just good. Good dialogues, screenplay and the entire feel of it. It was just obvious, I mean who the killer is. And I really felt like killing that cop! Soooooo prejudiced!! Krrrh! Anyhow… The star was T.O.P, not that he was that great, just that the other actors, like Seung Ri, I know he hasn’t acted may even be his first acting, but it was BAD! And Heo Yi Jae was not that memorable, even though she’s one of very few actresses, which I’m a fan of. It’s fun, and thank god, no real romance, more of a friendship feeling. Nice and funny.

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts

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