20 December 2014

The Queen's Classroom Review

Title: The Queen’s Classroom
AKA: Class of the Queen
Genre: Drama, Social, School, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2013-Jun to 2013-Aug
Cast: Ko Hyun Jung, Kim Hyang Gi, Chun Bo Geun, Kim Sae Ron, Seo Shin Ae and Lee Young Yoo.

This drama is the remake of the popular Japanese drama with the same name.
Shim Ha Na (Kim Hyang Gi) is a bright girl with a bit of a goofy personality, always smiling. Looking forward by sharing class with her best friend and it being her last year of elementary, she greets her class with joy and optimism. But when the class meets their new homeroom teacher Ma Yeo Jin (Ko Hyun Jung), the class is thrown into despair, and the one with the shortest straw is Ha Na.
Ma Yeo Jin is a cold and never smiling woman, who with her tyrannical ways makes her student gang up on one another, and favors the smartest students. She makes the class take tests every week so that the two bottom students become class presidents, having them do the cleanup jobs every week. The students with the worst results and the ones that are slowest in most things are ridiculed and made fun of by her. Any form of resistance is made futile by bulling them without any resistance from the teacher’s staff.
Since day one Ha Na’s personality makes her not only an easy target, but also very individual, so she doesn’t get manipulated as the rest.
Now she is stuck in a fight she didn’t sign up for, and Yeo Jins relationship with the principle seems understanding… What is going on?

I was really excited when I started watching this drama, because I was completely sucked in the amazing acting of these children. Even though people really liked Kim Sae Ron (because of her new drama High School Love On) but I really was captivated by Kim Hyang Gi. Yes she was the lead actress; however I found every scene she was in believable and honest – as if she really ends up in this situation. The rest were good too, another reason why I don’t find they should use idols as actors, unless they know how to act (TO CLEAR UP: many idols are used because of their fame even if they can’t act - this doesn’t apply on all idols though).  The actress playing the ‘witch’ was quite good, though I felt they kind of didn’t make her story that important (dunno if that is bad or good).
About the story, well I can’t say I hated it because it was almost identical with the Japanese one, except maybe the ending and some of the last episodes.
So to sum up: a good remake with great future potential.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

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