29 December 2014

Girls Movie Review

Title: Girls
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Origin: China
Release Date: July 30, 2014
Cast: Ivy Chen, Fiona Sit, Yang Zishan, Shawn Yue, Wallace Chung, Vanness Wu

It all starts at a college graduation, where Kimmy (Fiona Sit) threatens to jump off a building because a guy dumped her and her dad is forcing her to go to the U.S. for grad school, and you know, she just hates speaking English. Her pals Siwen (Ivy Chen) and Xiaomei (Yang Zishan) thinks of Kimmy as a histrionic drama queen. One of the other girls accidentally falls off the building. She survives. Some years later, the three cohabitate in a super-huge flat in an undisclosed city in China. Xiaomei is an assistant to director Barbara Wong, while Kimmy runs an events company and Siwen works at a posh hotel and is about to marry the handsome Lin Jie (Wallace Chung). Unfortunately, Lin Jie is caught cheating with another girl, leading to a cancelled wedding and a deluxe Siwen meltdown where she loses hope in everything. How will her friends get Siwen out of her funk?

Oooh, 2 hours of this is NOT enough!! I want more of the girls, they are hilarious together, and the friendship between them is really inspiring. So what Girls does, is creating a fairytale of young women looking after each other, sharing intimate secrets (mostly about men, of course) and not letting go even if trouble brews. Which is all very well, given that this is entertainment shaped.
But there also are many dangling threads that could have been developed in a more interesting fashion: the notion of class differences, for example, or how Kimmy's save-and-destroy attitude toward her bosom buddies' relationship issues might actually be a sign of her suppressed desire for her friends. The actors did an amazing job, throughout the movie I kept saying how weird they all are, but in the end I realized they were all acting so natural near perfection, which I came to enjoy a lot! Nevertheless, it delivered a heartwarming story of the girls, and it left me wanting more, so I hope they consider a Girls 2!

☆☆☆½ / 3½ out of 5 stars             
♥♥♥♥½ / 4½ out of 5 hearts

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