07 October 2014

Please Marry Me Review

Title: Please Marry Me
AKA: All About Marriage
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 56
Broadcast period: 2010-Jun to 2010-Dec
Cast: Baek Il Seob, Ko Du Shim, Kim Ji Young, Lee Jong Hyuk, Oh Yoon Ah, Han Sang Jin, Sung Hyuk and Lee Da In.

This drama revolves around 4 couples where one of each couple is a member of the Kim family.
Kim Jong Dae (Baek Il Sub) is a father of three grown up children, and is married to Oh Soon Ok (Go Doo Shim) a diligent and nice woman. But this doesn’t stop him from getting butterflies in his stomach when he meets his first love again. Kim Tae Ho (Lee Jong Hyuk) a newly appointed professor is the oldest son of the family, married to happy and bright Nam Jung Im (Kim Ji Young) whom he has lost his attraction in. This also made him look at the much younger and single coworker, whom he imagines and dream about every day, and eventually gets noticed by his wife and the two divorce. Kim Yeon Ho (Oh Yoon Ah) is a teacher and the second oldest and the only daughter of the family, with only one goal: to marry a rich man. This goes wrong when she falls for the poor single father Han Kyung Hoon (Han Sang Jin), who is the father of one of her students. Lastly is there is Kim Kang Ho (Sung Hyuk) the familys youngest, and the one called out to be the failure of the Kim’s. He somewhat fulfills that role until he meets Yoo Da Hye (Lee Da In) who adores and admires him for his honest and na├»ve personality. The two befriend each other and eventually fall in love, and by accident become pregnant.
The drama follows Jung Im’s revenge of becoming so famous that her ex-husband will regret divorcing, but also the family fighting the social situations as infidelity, divorce, premature pregnancy and marrying to the poor.

After dragging this on for 4 years (yes I started watching this in 2010), I finally finished this push-and-pull/melo drama. Even though I spent a lot of episodes just wanting this to finish, I gotta admit I did end up missing the family. I guess that happens after these long ones: I really felt that I was saying goodbye to someone I knew. The storyline is much alike the KBS daily dramas, yet it has a different feel: it kind of is happy and funny, but knows when to be sad (which also might be because it is 4 years old).
The cast is quite likeable, and dislikeable, which makes them great actors if you ask me. And not like the typical Korean overdramatic “trying-to-hard-to -become-so-hateful-making-you-roll-your-eyes” LOL.
All in all an okay drama.

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

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