10 August 2014

Update, a farewell and a welcome :)

Hello dear followers, dedicated readers and newcomers!
I have bad news and good news.. and also news. To start with I'd like to begin with just the news.
I changed the layout to the new upcoming drama which excites me! I have been praying for a Eric drama, and now he is playing a CEO with no other than Jung Yoo Mi.. In case you don't recognize her, it's the same leading lady from Que Sera Sera  Yatta. Now to the bad news: Jenji had decided to leave us. It has upset me a bit, but I understand that she doesn't feel like doing it anymore. And instead of saying she is quitting, I'd rather say she has an early retirement. Lol, little like Kang Ho Dong.. Who was gone for a few years, and decided to return.. I hope this is the same case!
To the good news! Helping me continue OT (since I honestly would die if I had to do it alone) is a new family member! I'd like to welcome Kame! Or rather Kamji as you'll read it. She is as obsessed with K- and J-drama as I am, if not more. And she is diligent when it comes to watching them a lot. Hope you take good care of her!
Thank you for reading 
- Bunji

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