01 August 2013

Loving You Review

Title: Loving You
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 12
Broadcast period: 2002-Jul to 2002-Sep
Cast: Park Yong Ha, Eugene, Lee Yoo Ri and Lee Dong Wook

Lee Hyuk (Park Yong Ha) was once a director with dreams of becoming great - these dreams lead him to be pushing and stubborn. While shooting for a drama on seas on Jeju Island, Hyuk ignores the weather hazards and demands everyone go continue shooting, which eventually ends with Hyuk and one of his close friends falling into the water. This is seen by Jin Da Rae (Eugene) who jumps in and saves Hyuk. Though Hyuk survives, his friend dies, and Hyuk can’t shake off the guilt. At the same time, Da Rae and her mother are called to the hospital - her father had been found dead by drowning.
One year later, Hyuk and Da Rae are both living on Jeju Island, though with different views on life. Hyuk now takes care of the family café, but is rarely there, spending most of his time at the family tangerine plantation, away from everyone. Da Rae has given up on going to college, so she works several jobs, in order to support her mother. The two have several other encounters, but someone always end up squabbling.
When Hyuk’s younger brother Lee Min (Lee Dong Wook) and his film crew arrive to Jeju in order to film for their movie, Hyuk is reluctantly forced to hand over the café to Min and Da Rae is asked to play the female lead. Things get more and more confusing when Dae Rae’s mother finds the diary Da Rae’s father had written, and somehow involves Min and Hyuk’s father..

Seriously, how can they add SO much melo in a 12 episode drama!? Like it really has so many twists and turns, and worst of all it somehow ends up being NEVERENDING. It took me forever to finish this, mainly because one episode didn’t feel like an episode it felt like a day! I think this drama covered every crime except rape, lol, every other was there, correct me if I’m wrong. I love Eugene, but this drama was just not worth it. I really just wanted it to end, and thank god it did.
The drama is not bad, especially for classic Korean drama lovers, but I really just wanted to finish it. So if you are up for it, go ahead.

☆☆☆ / 3 out 5 stars

♥♥ / 2 out of 5 hearts

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