04 October 2017

Father is Strange Review

Title: Father is Strange
AKA: My Father is Weird
Genre: Family, Drama, Comedy
Episodes: 52
Broadcast Period: Mar-2017 to Aug-2017
Cast: Kim Yong Chul, Kim Hae Sook, Min Jin Woong, Lee Yoo Ri, Lee Joon, Ryu Hwa Young, Jung So Min,

This drama is about a family that lives on the outskirts of Seoul. Byun Han Soo (Kim Young Chul) is the father and his wife, Na Young Sil (Kim Hae Sook) is a dedicated, responsible mother to his three daughters and one son including Hye Young (Lee Yoo Ri), Mi Young (Jung So Min), Ra Young (Ryu Hwa Young) and Joon Young (Min Jin Woong).
Suddenly one day, Ahn Joong Hee (Lee Joon) shows up at the household, and declares that he is the son of the family. Ahn Joong Hee is an actor who used to be a member of an idol group. He gets accepted into the family and begins to live with them…

This was seriously a wonderful drama, loved it from 1 to 52. Maybe this statement is based on my still hyped emotions of it, but I just feel that this one captured a really special place in my heart. Maybe because it focused so much on the family relationships, and had some sprinkles of romance here and there, however the main theme kept shining out throughout the drama. The actors did a pretty decent job; they all were expressful of their character and made you love them and hate them at times. What I mostly like about this, is that it’s not like a typical family drama were they drag the whole point till the end, no, they reveal everything in the beginning, and you just enjoy seeing the story unfold with it. I’m definitely stating another family drama soon, I get so addicted to it, because I get so much more time with the characters, and I can truly see them develop, and I think that’s what makes the whole time worth for me.

☆☆☆☆☆ / 5 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥♥ / 5 out of 5 hearts

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