15 March 2016

Hidden Identity Review

Title: Hidden Identity
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2015-Jun to 2015-Aug
Cast: Kim Bum, Park Sung Woong, Yoon So Yi and Lee Won Jong.

Cha Gun Woo (Kim Bum) is a former SWAT member who left it and became a police detective. When his partner dies in front of him while on a stakeout, Gun Woo becomes depressed and reminded of the past where his girlfriend was killed by a criminal, right in front of him. The brother of his dead girlfriend, also a cop, Kim Tae In (Kim Tae Hoon) works with a small crew of detectives for the police unit that deals undercover operations.
When Tae In goes missing whilst on a undercover job, they recruit Gun Woo, as he is the most fit for the job, but also has something that might interest him. At first Gun Woo is very reluctant, but when they tell him about the case and the parts involved he suddenly gets very interested and agrees…

This drama has by far one of the most interesting storylines ever made, but has one of the most typical ending and climax. Meaning I was so bored with the “sad” ending that I was counting seconds for it to end, as it was too common. Though I was keen to watch the story and to know about the backstory, I was yawning a lot the time, which when I think back was because of mediocre acting from the cast. The ones playing the ‘baddies’ or the antagonists, were doing a great job – had me buy it completely. But the main cast somehow were very dull. Including Kim Bum. After watching this I am quite sure he doesn’t know how to act. Or at least in this drama he really was bad at acting this character because I got nothing good from him – except for him reminding me of Lee Seo Eun and Lee Seo Jun (the twins from Superman Returns) – which doesn’t fit this apparent “badass” character. To be completely honest I don’t remember all the other actors – that is how dull of an impression they left me.
I think I would recommend this for the story, but not if you are a fan of Kim Bum. He disappoints.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

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