02 November 2014

Black President Review

Title: Black President
Genre: Social, Comedy, Business
Episodes: 11
Broadcast period: 2014-Apr to 2014-Jun
Cast: Sawamura Ikki, Kuroki Meisa, Kuninaka Ryoko, Kadawaki Mugi and Nagase Tasuku.

A ‘Black President’ is a CEO of a company that only focuses on money: as in the sense of treating the employees as tools to get money - that is Mitamura Yukio (Sawamura Ikki).
The CEO of a well-known textile company, Mitamura Yukio doesn’t really have much of a social life, yet he is a very well-off and talented business man. And yet he decides to apply for a business major at a University, and surprisingly he gets accepted. As the oldest student, and older than some professors, he doesn’t really fit in, but that doesn’t hold him back. He tries to befriend the assistant professor Akiyama Kyoko (Kuroki Meisa) who not only is thrown off by his age, but also by mean personality.
Shortly enough he decides to join the film club duo to unknown interest, and even though the group doesn’t like him they reluctantly have to let him join.
Soon his ‘black business’ ways  start to emerge and change the students and the lives around him, which leads to Akiyama deciding to go against him: expose him to the world as the Black President he is…

Okay, so this drama is basically about business AND involving students? I don’t know what and why they thought it would be a good idea? I mean it’s not badly acted, just very boring. Too many uninteresting situations, and it’s really not funny. I thought it would be funny! The lead is not just an anti-hero he’s also very unlikeable, and has absolutely no growth (character growth). It is one of those dramas you need an open mind and a diverse interest pool, which I apparently don’t have. The younger cast was pretty good, except one of the leads, but the most interesting is Meisa (and I am no fan of hers).
All in all - I wouldn’t recommend it, but a lot of different people liked it, so something has to be okay about it…

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥ / 2 out of 5 hearts

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