06 July 2014

Wang Family Review

Title: Wang Family
AKA: The Wang Family / Wang’s Family / Family of King / Royal Family / King’s Family
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy, Melodrama
Episodes: 50
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug to 2014-Feb
Cast: Jang Yong, Kim Hae Sook, Oh Hyun Kyung, Jo Sung Ha, Lee Tae Ran, Oh Man Suk, Lee Yoon Ji and Han Joo Wan.

This story follows a family with four generations.
The Wang family is a typical Korean family with a head, vice-president of a school Wang Bong (Jang Yong) and his money appreciative wife Lee Ang Geum (Kim Hae Sook). Together they had 4 daughters and one son: Wang Soo Bak (Oh Hyun Kyung) the oldest and mother favorite, who got married wealthy to a business man Go Min Joong (Jo Sung Ha), and doesn’t know any form of house holding. Wang Ho Bak (Lee Tae Ran) the second oldest who had a shot-gun wedding due to her pregnancy with jobless Heo Se Dal (Oh Man Suk), and worked as a slave for many years so that her family could get an apartment. Even though she is the hardworking one in the family, her mother seems to dislike especially her. Wang Gwang Bak (Lee Yoon Ji) is the second youngest who gave up her teaching job so she could follow her dream as a writer, but meets mechanical engineer Choi Sang Nam (Han Joo Wan) and sparks fly.
The story follows the three sisters as they are confronted with subjects as love, marriage, divorce, infidelity, poverty and status…

I started this because I like the actor Oh Man Suk, and I ended up finishing because of Lee Yoon Ji. It is one of those drama where we get a lot of problems because of the family and they all get involved in every issue. Honestly I don’t dislike this theme, but I kind of get annoyed along the way. Though it first happened around episode 35 in this drama, I kind of got bored along the way.
The family and the characters are vibrant and they are both likeable and frustrating at the same time, which sometimes makes you want to either kill them or hug them.
I liked it, and I got myself a new favorite actress which is nice.
So to sum up: a good daily drama with interesting characters.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

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