31 March 2014

Team Batista 3 Review

Title: Team Batista 3
AKA: Ariadne no Dangan
Genre: Medical, Mystery
Episodes: 11
Broadcast period: 2011-Jul to 2011-Sept
Cast: Ito Atasushi, Nakamura Toru, Takashi Katsunori, Konishi Manami and Nakamura Yasuhi.

“Ai - Autopsy imaging: Placing a corpse through CT and MRI to apply light into a faulty. Cause of Death Investigation system. Who could have predicted how the establishment of this Ai Center... would lead to a mysterious incident?" (Intro of series)
After a hard night of drinking, Taguchi Kohei (Ito Atasushi) wakes up at a trash site, where he finds a man lying next to him. As he shakes him he notices that the man has no pulse and is cold, so he calls the police. The police examine him on the spot and announce him as “death by ischemic heart attack” which is common diagnosis if there is no visual foul play, even though Taguchi points out remembering the man being carried to the dump site. As there are rarely done any autopsies in Japan, Taguchi suggests Ai.
At the same time Shiratori Keisuke (Nakamura Toru) holds a meeting about the Ai which is a rather popular compared to autopsies, but is less known to the public. After hearing that Taguchi had taken on a case, he adds him to the list of people to the new project: Ai center, in which he becomes the Chief.
All seems to be working somehow, until one day a man is killed in the Ai room, and for some reason the top in the police seems to be involved…

Since there are two prior seasons I have to compare them, and yes this is most defiantly the best out of 3. It seriously has everything: medicine, crime, police and action, which is sort of my cup of tea. The duo getting better and more familiar with each other, so the overall dynamic is kind of fun to watch - like the 10 second jokes become 3 times more funny, because they come rarely.
The theme this season around is Ai basically MRI on dead bodies instead of autopsies which is very much disliked in Japanese society due to the cutting open of the bodies (side not from bunji: which is the most ridicules this ever since they all just burn the bodies. I mean what the puck… They don’t even have the open basket funerals man.) The theme is okay, and again we have the famous view of the police about ‘losing their image if they admit their fault’ which is even more annoying, but kind of gives it spice.
All in all the best out of 3, and yes recommendable.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts

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