24 March 2014

Aftermath Review

Title: Aftermath
Genre: Mystery, Web drama, Fantasy, Romance
Episodes: 11
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan to 2014-Jan
Cast: Dong Joon, Kim Geun Hyung, Seon Joo Ah and Kim Min Seok.

This drama is a short web drama with 11 episodes of 8 min each.
After falling from the rooftop of a building Ahn Yong Dae (Dong Joon) is sent to the emergency room and is in a coma for some days. While in a comatose he dreams of a field of flowers, and imagines how he lies on it, completely infatuated by the smell. Waking up he sees his mother sitting next to him, and shortly after he is allowed to go home. On the way home he witness’ a couple fight and is shocked to see that their faces have turned completely white, and their eyes red. Seconds after the male gets hit by a car, and while being unable to get his eyes of the girl he pulls her away, saving her life, and surprisingly the eye color and skin color had changed back. Freaked out by this he runs back to the hospital, looking for answers, only to be repulsed by the smell of the doctor. When he tries to ignore the incident he encounters even more of them, only to be more and more confused by seeing people with blue eyes.
When he enters a coffee shop he meets a man who has the same ability, telling him that the people with red eyes are people who are going to die soon, and the people with blue eyes are people who have the intention of killing. Also when a person talks he can see whether or not they are lying, by the smell of the way they are talking.
This makes Yong Dae want to save other people especially after the man challenges him that he will kill people because he can, and Yong Dae unexpectedly becomes the hero of his city. Though somehow fame changes him…

Besides it being insanely short, this drama is quite interesting. I don’t know why it was so short, it most defiantly could have been a long 16 episode drama if you just made more stories and spent a little more time on dialogs, but it was not all that bad. Dong Joon is quite the actor, which I did not expect him to be and I sort of was attached to his character, which I have no idea why. The end made me quite irritated and I was seriously hoping that there would be more, not a lot more, just maybe another episode. But then again I am not sure what would have been in that episode. I don’t know the other cast but they were quite good as well, and basically the drama was a good thing to starts a canon.
All in all: a great idea.

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥ / 3 out of 5 hearts

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