21 April 2013

Yeongasi Movie Review

Title: Yeongasi
AKA: Deranged
Genre: Disaster, Thriller, Horror
Origin: Korean
Release date: 5 July 2012
Cast: Kim Myung Min, Moon Jung Hee, Kim Dong Wan and Lee Ha Nui

Jae Hyuk (Kim Myung Min) is a former biochemistry professor, who lost all his life savings, his entire fortune and job, due to an investment on a stock advised by his younger brother Jae Pil (Dong Wan), who is detective. When a dead body in found in a river, the police is convinced it is a suicide, and when the case is given to Jae Pil, he couldn’t care less since he tries with all his might to get some more tips on stocks, so he can help his brother get his money back. Due to the failure Jae Hyuk has become a workaholic: doesn’t have time to spend with his family or just time to do anything at all, and can’t seem to forgive his brother for the mistake.
When numerous dead bodies are found in the rivers all over Korea, the apparent suicide is re-investigated, and its found out that a fatal parasite of a worm form called Yeongasi, which is usually is inside animals, has mutated and has found hosts in human bodies. The symptoms are excessive hunger without gaining weight, and after a while extreme thirst, which makes the victims jump into water and suffer from a heart stroke as the worm exits the hosts body. 
Jae Pil tries to figure out the source if the virus, but when Jae Hyuk realizes that his family has started to show the exact symptoms, he tries with all his knowledge to find the medicine that has seemed to vanish..

Eish, this movie has made me terrified of eating almost anything, like my favorite spaghetti! Like I see worms all over the place, and that is not something that I would like to continue thank you very much. It’s very short for such a disaster movie honestly, since they usually take loads of time, but I feel that from start to end, everything went fast. Not that I didn’t feel Jae Hyuks frustration, that I did, but it just makes me go: why on earth or the American disasters so... impossible to cure? Like in this one we have hope, from the beginning… Of course makes you more interested. But still, growing up watched hopeless stories this just is different.
The acting was great, I was expectant of Dong Wan since I am a fan of Shinhwa and I only watched Cheer Up Mr. Kim, but it wasn’t the most amazing thing, but still okay... Can’t get used to his serious face, used to the smile. Anyways, the movie is great, with some faces Ive never seen, but great!

☆☆☆☆½ / 4½ out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts

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