21 April 2013

Sugarless Review

Title: Sugarless
Genre: Action, Comedy, School
Episodes: 12
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct to 2012-Dec
Opening song: Brave it Out by GENERATIONS
Cast: Shirahama Aran, Suzuki Nobuyuki, Sano Reo and Machida Keita.

Based on the popular Japanese manga, Sugarless follows Shiiba Gaku (Shirahama Aran), a freshman student at Kujima High School, known for the fighting delinquents. On his very first day, Shiiba challenges the ‘Top’, best fighter, of the school, but as it turns out he happens to be weak. Waking up in the infirmary, he is introduced in the school hierarchy: at the top are the seniors with Aramaki Itaru (Shokichi), aka Shake, as the top. Under them are the sophomores, led by Kiryo Yoichiro (Usui Masahiro) the number two. In order to even get to them, he’s have to beat the first years: the strongest Mukai Shiro(Sano Reno) who has never lost a fight, Urabe Osamu (Machida Keita) leader of the group Hydra, who has a huge amount of followers, and Marumo Taiji (Suzuki Nobuyuki) a ‘retired’ loner. Confident in himself (or maybe just dumb), Shiiba firmly believes he can beat everyone so he can become the top. Though weak, Shiiba is stubborn and has amazing stamina, which surprises many of the delinquents. Still comparing it with strength, he isn’t feared by anyone, even though everyone is amazed by his way of thinking about fighting. 
Soon the three freshman’s Mamuro, Shiro and Urabe have gained the interests of the older classes and decide to have a fight off between the three so the first years can have a leader, but for some reason the three can’t seem to ignore Shiiba’s presence…

Omg, why… Just WHY do I love delinquent dramas? I really don’t understand it! I mean honestly, nothing but fighting and fighting, and I love it.. But I am against violence! Yet totally love this! Like CROWS ZERO--- The fight to become “Teppen” or TOP of the school if you prefer, a lot of guys fight, and have to fight other strong school mates in order to fight the TOP.. And the funny part is, the main character gets beaten up all the freaking time, like he isn’t close to any of the fighters, but I love it! And when I think back, nothing really happens, but I still love it. I think these kinds of dramas are popular to boys or guys. Like the acting isn’t that great, very B rated, but yet it is entertaining. The screenplay is filled with clich├ęs, but I just sit and wait for it. But somehow it’s very fresh and different since I have no clue how the outcome will be… I like!
I wouldn’t really recommend to those who don’t like these dramas, but for those who like this kind, go for it!

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

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