27 November 2012

Punch Movie Review

Title: Punch
AKA: Wan-deuki
Genre: Drama / Comedy / School
Release date: October 2011
Cast: Yoo Ah In, Kim Yoon Seok, Jasmina B. Lee, Park Su Yeong, Park Hyo Ju, Kim Yeong Jae, Kang Byul, Kim Dong Yeong, Ahn Gil Kang . . .

The story of a young life being turned around for the better, Wan Deuk (Yoo Ah In) lives in a rooftop apartment with his father, right next to them lives Wan Deuk’s teacher Dong Joo (Kim Yoon Seok) who is always after him, so whenever Wan Deuk is at church he prays for his teacher’s sudden death. However Wan Deuk’s father often asks Dong Joo to look after Wan Deuk while he is out working as a clown with his friend, and so they become closer. Dong Joo is someone who works with immigrants and that is how he gets to know Wan Deuk’s mother, a Pilipino woman, and so he tells Wan Deuk about her and how he should meet her, which he eventually does. Meanwhile Wan Deuk also finds another passion which is kickboxing..

As you can see I had a hard time writing a longer review, the reason is that there is not one specific plot going on, it’s actually very easy-going with things kind of slowly happening. Actually it’s one of those movies where you just watch and in the end, it’s not like one big thing happened, but the end result is big. It’s an alright movie actually, and I had not recognized Yoo Ah In (from Sungkyungkwang scandal) but I definitely knew I had seen him somewhere. This movie is actually made later but he somehow looks much younger. But his acting definitely I think is good. The movie also somehow (my opinion) seems kind of cheap. I’m not sure how, but it’s just isn’t one of those I would go to the movies to watch. Anyhow, the whole thing was okay and it is actually okay-recommendable, it’s not a movie I would tell you “uuh uuuh! You HAVE to watch this one”. Aaahh I don’t know. The message too is good, but then again it could have been told better maybe? 

☆☆☆ / 3 stars out of 5

♥♥♥  / 3 hearts out of 5

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