04 April 2016

Because It's The First Time Review

Title: Because it’s the first time
AKA: My First Time, Friends 2015
Genre: Youth, Comedy. Romance
Episodes: 22/8
Broadcast Period: Oct-2015 to Nov-2015
Cast: Choi Min Ho, Park So Dam, Kim Min Jae, Lee Yi Kyung, Jo Hye Jung, Jung Yoo Jin

“If I am 20 years old, this is my youth, right? What kind of youth is this? What’s going to happen to my life from now on? You must have had a plan if you brought me into this world. You have nothing to say, right?”
With a freewheeling personality, Yoon Tae Oh (Choi Min Ho) is a 20-years-old freshman in college. He has been friends with Han Song Yi (Park So Dam) since they were little. Now, he begins to have feelings for the girl who has a bright and positive personality. Meanwhile, Tae Oh has a friend, Seo Ji Ahn (Kim Min Jae), who is well-behaved and exemplary. A love triangle brews between these three people.

A short webdrama, with a nice story, and adorable actors. Very easy to love all the actors/characters, because the storyline was so enjoyable. A slice of youth at it’s prime! I really had 0 expectations and really thought one episode and I would be out. But I found myself fully involved in the story, enjoying the performances, the writing, the entire look and feel of this drama. There is a good balance of light and heavy in this without going too far either way. I’m fully engaged with the story behind these young people and looked forward in these few short episodes to see how they would work through the difficulties life was throwing at them. I loved the cameos!

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

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