02 July 2015

Dr. Ian Review

Title: Dr. Ian
AKA: Dr. Mo Clinical
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episode: 9
Broadcast Period: Mar-2015 to Apr-2015
Cast: Kim Young Kwang, Park Sandara, Choi Dae Sung, Jung Ji Yoon, Kim Min Chan

The memories of pain and love shape our reality and personality, hence they can be used to find healing in counseling. This is the story of psychiatrist Mo Ian (Kim Young Kwang), who specializes in hypnosis treatments. He meets an eccentric, 4-D office girl, Lee So Dam (Park Sandara), and through the process of treating and counselling her, he finds a way to heal his own wounds.

A sweet love story between two people who needed some healing. I loved it. I wasn’t expecting anything, after all it’s a short webdrama. Usually I don’t watch webdramas, however I was interested in Sandara Parks, so I gave it a shot. Now I just wish they turned it into a full-length drama. The story was cute and realistic, of course there were some issues here and there, and the storyline were lacking, but isn’t that what webdramas is all about. There were many scenes, which made my heart flutter and me punching a pillow. Aiguu I’m a sucker for romance. I never realized how handsome Kim Young Kwang actually is… and tall!  Sandara Park is actually quite a good actress, I hope she gain success in that field too, and I’m looking forward to her next project. The episodes are maximum 13 minutes long, so if you have a free afternoon, I do recommend it.

☆☆☆½ / 3½ out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts

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