12 May 2015

Angry Mom Review

Title: Angry Mom
Genre: Family, Drama, Human, School
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: Mar-2015 to May-2015
Cast: Kim Hee Sun, Ji Hyun Woo, Kim Yoo Jung, Im Hyung Joon, Go Soo Hee, Kim Ji Young, Jun Gook Hwan, Kang Moon Young

Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Sun) is a young mother with a daughter in high school. She lives with her husband and mother in law and works all day in a restaurant. Her relationship with her daughter is not really smooth since the daughter; Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung) shuts her mom out. Life goes on until Kang Ja finds out that her daughter is going through a hell of physical and emotional bullying at school. The daughter denies being bullied and refuses to say anything to her mom for some valid reasons from her perspective. Kang Ja loses her cool and tries all ways to solve the issue. She meets Ah Ran’s homeroom teacher, reports to the police and even tries to bring a suit. When she realises her efforts are all fruitless; she resorts to the last measure she could think of; enrolling in her daughter’s school. Once she’s in as Bang Wol, she takes ending violence in school and finding the perpetrators in her daughter’s case on as a life mission.

Recently I have been craving school dramas, I don’t know why or maybe it’s because of the upcoming exams, but it had led me to this recently completed drama Angry Mom. Wow, this is not an ordinary school drama, it takes up issues and problems that many people decide to look at with a blind eye. It addresses real issues in the Korean school system and in my opinion school in general. I find the main lead to have a well-rounded character that keeps me interested as she struggles to protect her daughter but also isn’t so strong against the corruption that surrounds them. It hits the feels spot to watch her struggle with the realities that most mothers in the real world most likely face daily without the determination our protagonist has. The other characters are also fun to watch and fall in love with as you find them crawling into your heart slowly as their stories get fleshed out, for example the delinquent that our Angry Mom first set out to deal with – Go Bok Dong. I definitely recommend this drama to anyone looking for a school life drama with a bit of meaning and plot mixed into it.
The reason I didn't give it a full heart is because the drama surrounds alot about politics rather than the school life behind the walls. Still interesting, but not what i'd look for in this drama.

☆☆☆☆½ / 4½ out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥½ / 4½ out of 5 hearts

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