07 January 2015

Kazokugari Review

Title: Kazokugari
AKA: Family hunter
Genre:  Mystery
Episodes: 10
Broadcast period: 2014-Jul to 2014-Sep
Cast: Matsuyuki Yasuko, Ito Atsushi, Endo Kenichi, Kitayama Hiromitsu and Mizuno Miki.

Hizaki Yuko (Matsuyuki Yasuko) is social worker, working in a childcare center. Every day she deals with children with abusive parents, and takes them away as a precaution measure. Sometimes she manages to get the children completely away from the parents, other times she tries to get the parents to ‘clean up their act’ so that the children can return. Either way she never gets thanked or any gratitude for her work, yet she is unable to let go. The situation at home isn’t much easier as her Alzheimer struck father and gambling mother can’t seem to function without her.
Sudo Shunsuke (Ito Atsushi) is high school arts teacher with no interest in his students or their lives, especially when they don’t seem to care for his existence – not that he tries to change that. Being undeceives and quite bad with social situations he after a one-night-stand ends up having a girlfriend who happens to be a coworker whom he doesn’t care for – yet he is unable to break up with her.
These two meet at a police station when a female student claims to have been raped by Sudo, and Hizaki won’t let him defend himself – basically thinks he is a rapist. After the allegation clear up the two get involved in another case where a family is set to have committed ‘family suicide’, but police officer Mamihara Koki (Endo Kenichi) believes they have been murdered – and both Sudo’s and Hizaki’s name come up during the investigation…

Sorry for the long into. I was wondering what to tell and what not to, and to be completely honest, the less you know about the main story the better. This drama has a very ‘dark’ and ‘dramatic’ tune, which kind of gave me the creeps. Not as in noir, but as in the dark side of frustration. Like what people are capable off and why they would either think that way or do it that way. I liked the way it was going and how slow the pace was, it really was not action packed – rather sad with a dim of light. 
I started this because of Ito Atsushi, I don’t know what it is but I like him. The rest of the cast was quite good, though the younger cast overacted just a bit too much for my taste.
All in all: a good drama with a bit of ‘borderline to crazy’ feel.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts

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