15 January 2015

Joseon X Files Review

Title: Joseon X Files
AKA: Secret Book / Secret Investigation
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 12
Broadcast period: 2010-Aug to 2010-Oct
Cast: Kim Ji Hoon, Lim Jung Eun, Jo Hee Bong and Kim Kap Soo.

Kim Hyung Do (Kim Ji Hoon) is a Joseonean inspector, who finds out that his mentor has been accused of treason. While trying to uncover the truth he is told to let the incident go, as it is the order from the higher ups. Unwilling to let his mentor die he decides to do it in secret, and is stunned by the things he discovers: a witness saying that a flying object with flickering lights passed through the sky, and an entire town vanishing. Due to the belief that only the king is allowed in the heavens, the newly build society doesn’t allow that kind of statement.
Still unable to believe it, he is surprised as he one day bumps into Ji Seung (Kim Kap Soo) and Heo Yoon Yi (Lim Jung Eun), who both are urging to stop investigating, but due to his persistent personality Hyung Do uncovers the mystery and is dragged into the society of ‘the secret records’…

Okay so I watched 12 episodes of something I have no idea what was about. I remember watching the X files (American series) and yeah it was weird, but what on earth are they thinking about making an alien show in the Joseon time? Like the only thing these people do is meet aliens/paranormal and write it down? What’s so interesting about that… you want to know? Absolutely nothing. I really felt like each episodes ended like suddenly and never really got connected to the next episodes – and if it did, the entire episode would be even weirder. The only good part – and which kept me watching – was the several guest appearances: they were really interesting, though I didn’t get anything.
I don’t recommend it, but I won’t tell you not to watch it – as it may just be me who is unable to understand it.

☆ / 1 out of 5 stars

♥½ / 1½ out of 5 hearts

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