06 November 2014

Melody of Love Review

Title: Melody of Love
AKA: Love through songs, Love Rides the Song
Genre: Romance, Family, Comedy
Episode: 151
Broadcast period: 2013-Nov to 2014-Jun
Cast: Kim Da Som, Baek Sung Hyun, Hwang Sun Hee, Kim Hyung Joong, Kwak Hee Sung, Sun Woo Jae Duk, Kim Hye Sun, Park Woong

A girl named Gong Deul Im (Kim Da Som) is dreaming of becoming a musical actor, even though her parents are against it. By accident, she gets to know Park Hyun Woo (Baek Sung Hyun), who also dreamt of becoming a musical actor, but gave up his dream, to fulfill his father’s dream of becoming a lawyer. His best friend Han Taekyung (Kim Hyung Joong) is a musical director and decides to cast Deul Im against all odds. Hyun Woo can’t stay away from the stage, and together with Deul Im he learns the true meaning behind standing up for his own dream. 
Even though Han Taekyung is a talented director, and keeps a pride in his original musicals, he encounters some financial problems. He seeks help from Hyun Woo’s cousin from America, who decides to invest money in their new production. However, what will happen when his new producer tells him to make a Broadway musical remake.

 Okay, I miraculously managed to finish this absurd drama within a week. I need an award for that seriously; ‘wasting time’ gives a whole other meaning after watching this one. But then again, I did it to myself, the only reason I watched this was because I was interested in the main actor, Baek Sung Hyun, I watched him in other dramas where he had minor roles, but in this one, he was the main, so I was interested in how he would achieve it. Hmm.. He has talent for acting (he started since he was 7), but unfortunately he was casted with other disappointing actors. I have seen idols turn into actors and succeed, and some fails big time, Dasom is one of the failures. Why would they give her a lead role? Okay, I should stop here with the actors, because it is not their fault, the writers for this drama should consider never ever write again. I thought this drama was about pursuing ones dream, when in reality I just got a lot of headache. The story was like a complicated soap opera, and the characters was so poorly build up that it made no sense in the end. I’m sorry for being so negative about it, but I would like to recommend everyone that are thinking of watching this, don’t do it. It is not worth your time. 

☆☆ / 2 out of 5 stars

/ 1 out of 5 hearts

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