20 May 2014

Love, Now Review

Title: Love Now
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 72
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct to 2013-Mar
Cast: George Hu, Annie Chen and Dou Zhi Kong.

Lan Shi De (George Hu) is a ruthless CEO with an eye for perfection, yet his mother and grandmother have a hard time getting him married, even with the huge amount of blind dates, he leaves after a very short time. The reason is mainly because he is looking for a specific person with big eyes and a slender nose, whom he had met before and has been looking for ever since.
Yi Ru (Annie Chen) is a workaholic that doesn’t know how to slow down, right until she is told she has terminal liver cancer and only six months to live. Little does she know that her family made up the story about her being ill in order to make her go on a vacation, and take off from work for two weeks. She leaves for the Philippines and by a push of destiny so does Shi De, and notices her, which makes him more than happy. After saving her life, Shi De loses his wallet and baggage, so Yi Ru decides to help him out. The two spend time together and become close, and Yi Ru cries her heart out. This makes Shi De ask her to marry him. At first Yi Ru takes it as a joke, but for some reason she keeps imagining marrying him… will she?

Okay first of all, my review sucks, because the drama is much more than what I have written. Secondly this drama is really good. The couple is a match made in heaven, and the storyline is great as well. Oh and there are 3 amazing love stories in this one, which made me all hyper all the way through. And the general story is pretty amazing. BUT there is this: it is a stretched out family drama. When I say that I mean like for 72 episodes drama, you first think “oh it’s just a long drama” but it really is like those sitcoms… Not as taky and badly acted as them, but just LONG, and just too many clich├ęs like decease, revenge etc.
Besides that it is a fun and loving drama, which makes you happy most way through.

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ / 4 out of 5 hearts

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