08 March 2014

The Triumphant Return of General Rouge Movie Review

Title: The Triumphant Return of General Rouge
AKA: Glorious Team Batista 2 Movie
Genre: Medical, Mystery, Thriller
Origin: Japan
Release date: March 7, 2009
Cast: Takeuchi Yuko, Abe Hiroshi, Sakai Masato, Kanjiya Shirori, Yamamoto Taro and Shiro Sano.

This movie is the follow-up on the movie “The Glorious Team Batistsa”.
One year has passed since Taguchi Kimiko (Takeuchi Yuko) and Shiratori Keisuke (Abe Hiroshi) solved the case with the Team Batista scandal, and now Taguchi has unwillingly become a member of the ethnic’s board. Still doing the counseling, she one morning gets an anonymous letter addressed to her about a doctor having a collusive relationship with Medical Arts: a medical supply company. After taking the letter to the hospital director she is told to investigate which she only agrees on as long as she is allowed to leave the ethics board.
While investigating one doctor from the Medical Arts company dies, and Taguchi becomes a prime suspect since she was last seen with him. Moments after being released she hears of Shiratori’s admitted in the same hospital, so she goes to taunt him. But when she is told by Shiratori that he had gotten the same letter as her they team up once again to find the truth…

Compared to the first movie, the first part, this one I like better. It has a bit more humor, and it is more ‘medical’ in the essences of there actually being more about patients and doctors. The duo seems more enjoyable around each other, and the overall story is kind of a bit more intriguing than the first movie. Though I have to admit, I like the drama idea of the stories more. I haven’t watched the second season, but I think I will still prefer the drama. The movies have this dark ‘cloud’ around it, as if it’s scary in some way, and I am not sure it’s supposed to be like that. The atmosphere is kind of dark, and it was like that in the first movie as well.
It’s an okay movie to watch if you liked the first one.

☆☆☆½ / 3½ out of 5 stars

♥♥♥½ / 3½ out of 5 hearts

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