01 March 2014

Holyland Review

Title: Holyland
Genre: Action, Youth
Episodes: 4
Broadcast period: Apr-2012 to May-2012
Cast: Dong Ho, Seong Woong, Hoon and Joo Da Young.

Kang Yoo (Dong Ho) is socially awkward and shy high school student, who roams around the streets at night in order to feel anything, which he misses in his everyday life. One day he is provoked and picked by a street thug, and ends up punching him K.O., and the next evening he helps to girls from a man harassing them, by doing the same. Soon the streets are full of rumors about this ‘Hunter’ who beats up high ranked gangsters, but for no one can understand what his goal is. When the leader of one of the two the rival gangs feels targeted, he announces that this ‘Hunter’ has to be found, Kang Yoo doesn’t believe they are after him. At the same time, former boxer ‘Charisma’ aka Sang Ho (Sung Woong) has found an interest in this Hunter, as he reminds him of himself. Now everyone is looking for Kang Yoo who thinks nothing of himself…

I didn’t really expect anything from this drama, firstly because it is so short, secondly due to the lead actors being pretty new. But it sort of just went it’s course while watching, especially since it reminded me of the Japanese delinquent dramas that have B rated actors and loads of fighting in it. By that I mean I actually did enjoy it, though it was just a tiny bit too detailed and deep for a drama about people fighting thugs and each other. I also didn’t quite get the storyline, even though they kept repeating it, it really didn’t make sense - might be that the storyline doesn’t try to make you relate to it, like Japanese dramas are. On the other hand the amount of time used on the explaining was quite decent, meaning they didn’t spend all of the time introducing millions of characters and explaining how scary and undefeatable they are.
All in all, if you prefer this kind of ‘boys-fighting-to-see-who-is-strongest’, this is a pick.

☆☆☆ / 3 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥ / 3 out of 5 hearts

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