24 February 2014

Sugar and Spice Movie Review

Title: Sugar and Spice
AKA: What girls are made of
Genre: Romance
Origin: Japan
Release date: September 16, 2006
Cast: Yagira Yuya, Sawajiri Erika, Natsuki Mari and Chen Bolin.

This movie is about a young man’s first love, how he learns about the actual feeling of love, and what he feels about it.
After High School Shiro (Yagira Yuya) decides not to go to college, and thereby disappoints his parents greatly. As he has the support of his 70-year-old grandmother, who likes all American including being called “Granma” instead of the Japanese word for it, he starts working at a gas station where he meets Noriko (Sawajiri Erika). He had seen her before on the street going home after school, whilst she was fighting her much older boyfriend, and seeing her cry all alone, falling for her. But seeing her work at the gas station made him fall for her all over again. When the two start getting to know one another they become very close and even start dating, but life has a different way of treating Shiro, as her ex-boyfriend returns and she can’t seem to forget him…

I don’t know what I was epecting, but most definatly not this. It really didn’t have a climax at all, and was so slow paced. The idea was okay I guess, but so damn half-hearted and I really don’t like Sawajiri’s acting. She just pisses me off. The male actor was okay, I havne’t seen him before, but the grandma was ridiculus, and I have NO IDEA why they would put SO much of her story and basically fill the entire thing with her bull… Boring.
But on the other side, I like serious, and I appreciate that they tried to make me think, which I felt this was all about: try and figure out what the hell this all is about.
Recommendable? Not really, unless you like this kind of serious…

☆☆½ / 2½ out of 5 stars

/ 2 out of 5 hearts

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