19 July 2013

Kasuka na Kanajo Review

Title: Kasuka na Kanajo
Genre: School, Comedy
Episodes: 11
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr to 2013
Cast: Katori Shingo, Anne, Maeda Atsuko, Kitayama Hiromitsu, Morimoto Shintaro and Jinguji Yuta.

Starting his new job at a junior high, Kamiyama Akira (Katori Shingo) decides not to get involved with any of his students, due to bad memories from his last school. Here he meets students with various problems, and teachers with weird views on the teacher-student relationships. He wants to live normal as possible, but that’s one thing he is not able to do: he cans see ghosts. Though he refuses to talk to them, they keep bugging him, so he has learned how to deal with them: salt and charms. That is until he moves into his new apartment, where a female ghost lives, and on top of that a former teacher. Her name is Akane (Anne) and is very jolly, even though she has been a ghost for more than 20 years, and has no recollection of how and why she died.
Though Akira refuses to listen to her, when one of his students gets into trouble, he is scolded by Akane, and slowly she starts to affect him, and they start to grow on each other. Akira starts to love his job once again, and decides to help Akane figure out her past..

I am a sucker for Japanese dramas, and school dramas. Mixing those together makes me EXTREMELY happy. The drama has heart, is really makes you understand being a teen and teacher, and how the system has changed. Also shows the relationship of humans and their role in society. This is not like Gokusen, with those ridiculous preaching, but an honest heart-to-heart convo between a troubled teen and caring teacher.
The ghost part gives it a bit of a twist, and gives you great laughs as well. I really recommend it for those who want a good story, which isn’t stuffy.

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥½ / 4½ out of 5 hearts

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