01 December 2017

Deserving of the Name Review

Title: Deserving of the Name
AKA: Live Up To Your Name
Genre: Medical, History, Romance, Time Travel, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2017-Aug to 2017-Oct
Cast: Kim Nam Gil, Kim Ah Joong, Yun Ju Sang and Yoo Min Kyu.

Heo Im (Kim Nam Gil) is an oriental doctor in 1592s Haeminseo. Due to his low status he isn't allowed in the palace, but the people of Joseon know him as a nice and unworldly. Unfortunately, Heo Im is very ambitious, and spends his nights healing rich people, in exchange for payment. The positive reputation leads him to an invitation from the King to cure a migraine. Thrilled, Heo Im prepares a new set of needles he found, but while trying to heal the king, his hand starts to shake and he is accused of treason. He manages to escape, but is met with the royal army and is shot down with arrows, and wakes up in 2017 Seoul. Bewildered he walks through the city, and bumps into Choi Yeon Kyun (Kim Ah Joong) who thinks of him as a weirdo especially after he tries to save a man passing out, by using acupuncture.
After seeing the wonders of 2017 Seoul, Heo Im decides he wants to stay, as he sees possibilities in becoming richer and more powerful. Sadly, he doesn't have a license, so he tried to find a Haeminseo. Here he meets a man, who seems to know about him, and as fate has it, he is Yeon Kyungs grandfather...

I am sorry for the weird review, but I tried hard not to spoil the drama. And to be honest, this is one drama you need to watch. I loved every part of it. I mean this drama took such a turn suddenly making me fall in love even more. Kim Nam Gil is officially one of the great actors: first Pandora and now this one. Okay, he has some we won't mention, but the 2017 dramas/movies are awesome. Kim Ah Joong is an okay actress, wasn't that into some of the older one, but this one fits her like a glove – being beautiful and smart really suits her.
I like that the drama was close to actual history, and the chemistry between the leads, as well as the pace... you'll understand once you see.
So: all in all.... recommendable.

☆☆☆☆☆ / 5 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥♥ / 5 out of hearts

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